If any of the following situations arises, get the equipment checked by a service personnel: In [Auto] mode, the system automatically determines the best mode for each device. It achieves More information. Precharge delay tras This setting determines the precharge delay, which determines the timing delay for DRAM precharge. This setup item allows you to determine the timing of the transition from RAS row address strobe to CAS column address strobe. Intel Socket More information.

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This installation guide provides you with the More information.

MSI (Micro Star) MS Motherboard. audio / ethernet links

What You Will Learn Keep this User s Manual for future reference. However, the same type and ns memory modules are necessary while using dual-channel DDR, or instability may happen.

Our products are under continual improvement and we reserve the right to make changes without notice. This chapter contains information More information. Turn over the mainboard to confirm that the clip-ends are correctly inserted.

  3C905 - TX M DRIVER

MS-7046 (v1.x) M-ATX Mainboard

The less the clock cycles, the faster the DRAM performance. The equipment has obvious sign of breakage. But it is possible if you choose [Yes]. Do not cover the openings.

MEDION – Driver Download

When adding or removing expansion cards, make sure that you unplug the power supply first. Poppy Lynch 2 years ago Views: When this area is reserved, it cannot be cached. Modes 0 through 4 provide successively increased performance.

The technology that connects them is called the. The system will boot from the selected device. Therefore, the description may be slightly different from the latest BIOS and should be held for reference only.

ACPI, which will More information.

We do not guarantee the damages or risks caused by inadequate operation or beyond eternet specifications. These systems meet every. Always Unplug the Power Cord before inserting any add-on card or module. Otherwise, the Line-Out connector on the back panel will not function.

You can attach a serial mouse or other serial devices directly to this connector. Award is a registered trademark of Phoenix Technologies Ltd. Press the four hooks down to fasten the cooler.


Designed to fit More information. Settings are [Disabled] and [1] through [15] Min. For example, if you did not install a floppy drive, the setting Floppy will not show up. If you do not have the cooler, contact your dealer to purchase and install them before turning on the computer. Refer to the product itself for Etherhet information.

Capacity 77046 formatted size of the storage device. Onboard Serial Port 1 Select an address and corresponding interrupt for the first serial port. Video The setting controls the type of video adapter used for the primary monitor of the system. Please note that memory is prevented from running faster than this frequency.