Sending Restart Command… Bootloader is now 7. They used to last 7 days. This ends the “start” section of this tutorial. Since I host the majority of the programs that I use in these instructions on this site, when you download programs from me you’ll be using the exact same version as in the screen shots that will walk you through all the steps needed to mod your phone. They are called this I imagine because you use them to reflash a phone after you have already installed a monster pack on it but now you want the most recent flash. Cingular only file, which comes from the ”

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Back up your V3’s files both your personal files and the system files before you modify them in case you later have a problem.

There are a few ways of unlocking a phone and with one of them it can be done for free. For Mac users who want to get online with their V3.

RSD Lite will also flash and flex your phone. If you do not have the original V3, then these instructions may not work for you. This program aids greatly in installing skins, or themes, which change the look of your phone’s buttons and menus and sounds.


Unlock Motorola V3 RAZR and go to the Moon!

With this you can transfer mp3s, pictures, and backup up your phonebook to mmotorola computer. SMS being turned on or off by default, enabling the video camera and its various settings like zoom control and brightness of the image, raising the volume level on the various speakers of the phone, enabling ENS, etc.

File 1 – Contains: I’ve highlighted the lines where the bootloader is being downgraded one version at a time. Windows will ask you to install the drivers once the phone is plugged in, so just point it to the right directory where you unpacked them Step 3.

Start page – Hack the V3: Before you start modifying the Motorola V3

A flash can be used on most any carrier’s phone unlike the flex, which is carrier specific. You will shortly see this screen. So if you just skip ahead and have no modding experience a crucial step or five may be “missing” as far as the reader is concerned. I host two versions of this program. Everything else found on this site as a download is on this page.

Now connect your phone to the USB cable.

Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it, just use personally to repair defective appliance! D0, have fun modding! Cincinnati Bell Wireless U.


Unlock Motorola V3 RAZR and go to the Moon! « dot kam

I also have another bootloader downgrader that’s supposed to work even better than the Scotty2 program. My V3 had bootloader ” Good luck to the repair! P2K Phone File Manager. This is one of many mtorola management programs for P2K platform phones like the V3. Turn off your phone Step 4. I have four different sets of files here. You need to install these drivers before using any P2K programs. There are also “PST 7.

This entry was posted on Sunday, April 1st, at The easiest way to get in trouble is to not read all the directions in a particular section, or worse, think you know what you are doing and ignore p2o directions and go off the map. This wants to install software for an Accessories Interface. Important drivers for your phone. Bootloaders can be upgraded and downgraded.

These seems control every aspect of how the phone behaves such as: Introduction I no longer maintain my Motorola websites.