Yes , I can access the Internet but only with an ethernet cable connected between computer and router. Apple Macintosh Clean-up Tool Benefit: Topic or Article Title. This article references a Series AIO but is applicable to all printers. Click here for definitions in PDF format. Professional ,, Series AIOs: Answer these questions, since the most common issue encountered is lost network communication with both computer and printer.

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Network communication occurs via radio communication between computer and router. Have you received a warranty-exchanged or replacement printer? YesI can access the Internet with a wireless network connection and only the printer fails to communicate or print.

Topic or Article Title Note: This article references a Series AIO but is applicable to all printers. Contact Lexmark Technical Support. Click here for definitions in PDF format. Some articles below reference a specific printer or AIO model; however, please view this content as many wireless concepts are identical.

Network communication occurs via ethernet cable between computer and router.


Why is this important? Wireless Wired Wireless Network communication occurs via ethernet cable between computer and router. This article will benefit users that perform this procedure before resetting the router. See above process and ports articles.

Did this document help solve your problem? Firmware Topics and Performance Improvements. This further identifies a network communication issue versus a wireless communication issue.

Click here example only Click here for a list of Trouble codes and suggestions. NoI cannot access the internet with a wired or wireless connection to the computer.

If the router has been reset, or if you have changed routers, or if router security settings have been changed, this procedure is dcanner you.

Lexmark Impact S Specs – CNET

If following these steps did not fix your issue, please continue reading for other solutions. Process names differ by product generation. Click here here for further information. New or warranty exchange printers ; new or replacement lexkark a change in SSID or security parameters on the router; relocation of printer to a different network and many other reasons to consider this article.


Exceptions apply for single function printers. Click here for additional information. Yesclick here for an article that explains how to rejoin your printer to a wireless network.

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See Network Setup Page instructions below. See also Firewall and Firmware topics below if article content does not help resolve issue. Post-installation troubleshooting path Print Network Settings Page. Professional , Series AIOs: If you are experiencing wireless communication errors or cannot print, please try these basic steps before proceeding the table of contents. Whether or not your computer is communicating over the wireless network is important when trying to distinguish between a wireless-network communication issue or a network communication issue.

See Still need help? Ping printer IP address. Provides post installation advice.