You just need to import org. This however is also the disadvantage too, if you want to automate a webpage as if a real user experience. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. There is no need for an extra plugin or add-on. Basically js executor allows you to execute js code from selenium driver. Before we execute AsyncScript , we have to make sure to set the script timeout. Sumanta September 8, at 3:

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Execute JavaScript with JavascriptExecutor | Selenium

You just need to import org. Why do we need JavaScriptExecutor? Navigated to the different page using JavaScriptExecutor. Cross-domain policy file specification.

JavascriptExecutor JavascriptExecutor is the Selenium interface which is being implemented by all the following classes: We can also pass javascriptexecutir arguments to it. Instead of forcing users to wait for a script to download before the page renders.


When above code is executed successfully, it will it will fetch the details of the site and navigate to different page as shown below. What is the use of it and how can we use this in Selenium WebDriver? AutoIt v3 is also freeware. ManideepLatchupatula Checkout my javascripteecutor answer and let me kknow the status.

SW Test Academy January 15, at 6: Do we really need to use Javascript executor or any other way to click and post in facebook our home page.

Execute JavaScript with JavascriptExecutor | Selenium-11

Also, he worked as software test leader and software operations manager at Turkey’s biggest technology retailer, Teknosa. It means we have to make the container to be active to click. Indicates that a driver can execute JavaScript, providing access to the mechanism to do so.

Arguments — It is the arguments to the script. Step 2 Then, use executeAsyncScript to wait 5 seconds. Sumanta September 8, at 3: Leave A Comment Cancel reply Aebdriver.


Sri Laks December 20, at Example A couple of examples: Ethical Hacking Informatica Jenkins. Also, please check this solutions on stackoverflow: What is JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium?

JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver with Example

I really could not figure out whats wrong with that solution. Onur Baskirt May 5, at 2: Generated the ‘Alert’ window using JavaScriptExecutor.

The basic syntax for JavascriptExecutor is given below: Create an Anonymous Function and add it to the Global Window. From home page, clicking on link opens the application in a new separate jsf window Tried js.

JavaScriptExecutor in Selenium WebDriver With Examples

Open site ” http: Python Selenium Quick Start Guide. UnhandledAlertException javasdriptexecutor import org. When i try to scroll the modal pop-up by programmatically, it only scrolls the background page but not the modal pop-up.