Now, that is as far as I’ve gone and probably will go with anything on this card or with the software. My PC is in a room that I don’t spend much time in, so scheduling recordings on my tablet is a plus. Really the only solution I can think of would be to get a STB dedicated for the Colossus and set up in another room. Recording high definition video from an Xbox Note: No, you cannot burn a Blu-ray disk. I took an chance and I’m wasting so much time because of it. You are now done.

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I too had bought How much disk space will it take up when recording? Also try updating to the latest drivers supplied by the manufacturer. Amazon Music Stream millions coossus songs. Colossus Record HD videos in H.

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I am also experiencing the 15 minute shutdown. Select Optical digital and Dolby Digital 5. Sorry for all of the questions, but there aren’t many topics on this. Next you will receive a screen were you will select the desired input resolution. Really the only solution Colossys can think of would be to get a STB dedicated for the Colossus and set up in another room.


Win TV 7 never worked correctly, even after an update Longer Version: Last edited by SHS; 29th May at This was a bit annoying since I was trying to capture multiple recordings. You missed a VERY important point. I mainly used NexPVR. Honestly, if you want to use a capture device to make recordings that do not require your provider’s equipment to watch, you are still better off if you rent a PVR from your service provider, and re-record.

Confirm that you have selected i by clicking X Enter. It is possible you will be be disappointed no matter what you buy.

What resolutions and bit rates are supported using Colossus?

If you have an H. If you have selected optical you must select the compatible formats either PCM 2ch or Dolby 5.

By connecting the Component video output from your high definition cable TV or satellite TV set top box to the component video inputs of colosuss Colossus, you will be able to record the TV programs coming from your set top box to the hard disk.


No other setup is needed.

Create your own HD video library! There are three ways of bringing audio into Colossus: To change the upload resolution for Youtube, click the Option button in Showbiz upper right hand corner and select Preferences in the dropdown menu. Click X Enter to continue.

I have been using it for several months and am completely happy with it. Now I guess I have to do a writeup Actually I was going to have my writeup posted today.

colowsus The tool can also learn from a remote, but that didn’t work for me. Audio is recorded using two channel stereo or optical audio with five channel Dolby Digital.

A Look At The Hauppauge Colossus —

Do I need a PC to use Colossus? Can I use the Colossus with Linux? There is another lengthy review on here about how this card is so buggy and not ready for prime time. Start VLC from the command line with: