I don’t have much hope it will improve. I fear that they have done this on purpose in an tempt to boost the sales of their own hardware. There is seldom anybody here. Appoint a number of users here as Beta-testers. Open letter to Geniatech Ton replied to Ton’s topic in Discussions. Mystery Schedules How can I remove? There is an alternatieve to EyeTV.

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Posted January 23, edited. Yes – come on Geniatech! Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Alternative is using TVHeadend but that has quitte a large learning curve. Posted February 16, Also Free, good scheduling. Right now in Spain one of the most sold TV sets is Samsung because they incorporate a software to watch streaming IPTV content from the main content provider in Spain Telefonica with their Yomvi content, something like a mix of a cable provider package and Netflix because all other TV sets need a hardware decoder attached via HDMI.

When so many people are having the same problem after a upgrade you would think that they would be looking for a solution. Their software is pretty good except for their lousy scheduling.


There is an alternatieve to EyeTV. I use “Video Cutter” from the App store. All that they did basically was tell me that I needed a new one.

A secondary minus of this proprietary protocol is that only Geniatech software will work and no other software even not the widely available TVHeadend, DVBlink. On the Mac side there is no resource problem. Ton replied to robpele’s topic in Discussions. Posted December 20, I’ve liked it for so long and even promoted it to several persons. If you keep insisting on not supporting these 2 very popular!

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Go To Topic Listing Discussions. Use a programm like “Funter” or similar and it will show all invisible files.

Also these are geared toward Windows it is a complete different game. Please don’t force me to abandon it Also programs that I refer to are running on Mac not on aTV.

Posted November 27, Due to family circumstances it may be possible that I will not be present. Expect them to take at least 2 years before coming out with a bit Beta.


Ton replied to jepperi’s topic in Discussions. Similar geniatexh the geniiatech the 4DC’s 4 decoders can be used simultaneously. Posted November 26, I use both software because EyeTV has excellent Scheduling So don’t blame it on “significant changes”.

In the second case the software would be only for their hardware and would not support third party devices or only those that pay a fee. Only reason I involve myself here is because I find EyeTV the best of the 3 options and would hate it to become abandonware.

Geniatech Download Center, Firmware, Software, User Manual and Files | Geniatech

I would have no reason to do so IF Geniatech had the guts to answer people when they report problems. And what about a Nestream 4Sat with double CI slot?? The fact that the IOS apps mean that Mac has to be running is not important.