Please share a link if you know a better suited controller. So you would basically have to run Linux so that the hack could be reapplied during every boot. I wasn’t even aware this can happen Up comes the gui where you login and change your settings in freenas. Is there an easy way to have this card work – or if not could someone suggest a reasonable priced PCI-e controller that will work straight out the box – I’m planning on using ZFS mirrors and don’t need RAID on the card – I just need to be able to add 8 drives and to be cheeky a uk based link to purchase it?

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rocketraid 2720sgl FreeNAS 11.0 drivers and webgui

I’ll follow up with you on the results incase your interested RocketRAID 27xx controller driver v1. I just noticed your other post in your history btw, i recommend contacting mods, looks like it got caught in the spam filter and that you use windows and just wanted to mention something real quick on my final paragraph above.

Thanks so much for the help!!! You’re interfacing with a device which can do DMA, so, if you manage to take over the controller, you have effectively pwned the system. Wherether you think it is worth it is up to you. Among freenxs are represented the various reasons to keep data — legal requirements, competitive requirements, uncertainty of permanence of cloud services, distaste for transmitting your data externally e.


And if parts come mail order, days could be wasted in-between. I only mention it because you look like you’re planning almost the same thing I was, even down to it running Plex which mine does also.

Ok, if it is. I’ve dabbled in Linux for fun and just a bit on RasPi Intel Core i 3.

Freenas – SATA Card?

Will my i5 system not work with this card? Here is my rockertaid with that one: As for the cost argument, it really isn’t much more expensive, especially if you go AMD. But you’re right in that you cannot just ‘add’ another drive and be done in a few minutes. I wasn’t even aware this can happen I personally wouldn’t go for ecc if i already had a free processor unless i was going to be using it for something important e. So you would basically have to run Linux so that the hack could be reapplied during every boot.

Thanks for the info! I’ve seen people comment that the older does Rule s Be excellent to each other. There is so much wrong with that concept. They can routinely be had for under and will run 8 drives. Also you should join us on IRC!


FreeNAS is an appliance, you don’t install additional rockerraid in it.

FreeNAS Build for a new office – Build a PC – Level1Techs Forums

With a RAIDZ setup you can replace drives in a pool one at a time with larger drives, and then grow the pool once you’re done.

The important sections of rocketrwid are: You can do intel as well, but ecc support is limited based on the chipset which tends to be pricier as well as having rcoketraid very restricted processor choice. Looks like i5 is supported. For some reason these disks are daX rather then adX?

Thread starter pixelbrain Start date Sep 30, Tags sgl rocket raid web gui. It shows that FreeBSD 9.

That all said, you possibly don’t even need a new mobo. Forums New posts Search forums.

Here’s the Debian package – http: Both have been largely issue free.