Does the pencil it self solve the problem? No missed important software updates! I cleaned the gold contacts with Servisol contact cleaner on a cotton bud. Then the problem is that due to using the keyboard the pieces end up leaving their mark on the golden contacts. Seems to work just fine with the snd-usb-audio drivers. I just picked up one of the Edirol PCR usb keybaords. It’s Edirol PCR, it worked perfectly well with my previous version of logic Thanks, is there any way of checking if dedicated drivers is the issue?

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Fri Jun 11, 9: Creo recordar que los contactos de los cartuchos de consolas tambien los limpiaban con una goma de borrar.

My error was not removing the rubber bands and cleaning below them. After getting a few keys back I used it some more after all it has quite a good key action and flexible MIDI controlling but more key fatalities and another brand of USB keyboard meant I retired it for a while. Do you find that certain knobs ediroo faders are not pcrr-a, or certain memory banks?

Springs can easily be detached or reattached using a small long nosed pliers.


ProAudio 9 wuth EDIROL PCR A-30

I figured it should be added to. Each of those circles has a black round piece which deals with closing the circuit when the key is pressed. I also use that one and it’s nice just would like an octave more keyboard is OK and controllers too. Then the problem is that due to using the keyboard the pieces end up leaving their mark on the golden contacts. Well, actually, it’s not that they wdirol responsive –it was more that they didn’t do anything at all when pressed.

It somehow worked, but a few minutes after it stopped working again. I uninstalled the driver and rebooted again. But unfortunately I just ediroo out about it when the warranty had expired as it always happens. EXtream Software Development written. The PCR driver is actually more complex than just a straight 2-in 1-out.

I then went for the second suggestion, which implied opening the case and cleaning the internalsjust in case there was dust or something blocking the contacts. Mon May 03, eedirol Also, you need to do things in a certain order: I had a PCR silverkeys died and I sent it back to the shop I got it from, expecting a repair under warranty.

Edirol PCR-A30 capabilities?

One note, I did not use a pencil eraser, but alcohol isopropylic instead, applied with cotton swabs. Driver edirol pcr Over 10, audio software, freeware shareware download! I really really like it a lot. Page 1 of 1. Thu Jun 17, 6: So I vacuum-cleaned everything carefully, and then used q tips to clean the small delicate places one by one. Seeing this blog has re-kindled my interest in getting it going again!


Discover the magic of the Internet. As a cleaning routine it was very hygienic, but it was totally useless for my purpose i.

And I was right on that –there wasn’t dust. When replacing the keys, replace the black keys first.

ProAudio 9 wuth EDIROL PCR A | Cakewalk Forums

DA D Virtual Instruments: Only one button works edirrol after 2 years of not using it. But hey, why not? Had the same key problem i try this solution and it worked better then i had before. The USB cable is You will also need to use a software instrument track.