To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. When flashing is over, take note on the final messages on screen, make sure there is no error messages and the DOS prompt returns. Used, in very good condition, as good as new. Unscrew any screws that you can see, if not then look for any small round rubber feet, gently pry them off with your fingernail or flat-blade-screwdriver, you will find the screws hidden under them. Take about 50sec to 60sec to get connected. This version is my compilation from version 4. Flash the router 1.

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Usb Ethernet Adapter Computers | Gumtree Classifieds Singapore

Wait about 1 minute, then power off the router and PC. All modules are latest version except Conexant firmware is a bit old. Do not know if it will work for others. After successfully unbricking the Aztech DSLE ADSL modemwhich is a Conexant CX based ADSL router, I realized the firmware that I used for the job was quite old and not up to date, this triggered my obsession to search for the newest firmware for this beast, so I did a little digging around at Aztech’s site and some others, the results are as follows: Turn the router back up right and carefully pull the two halves of the router casing apart, the circuit board should sit flat on the bottom casing.


Theoretically, we can connect DSLE in transparent bridge mode to a broadband router. Locate a barcode sticker label with MAC address above or under the circuit board or under the bottom casing, note down this router’s MAC address for later use. Modem is in good working condition. Price for modem only.

All modules are latest version but no firewall function.

If the flash process is successful, the DSL light should start blinking within 1 minute from power on, it will change to solid if connection to DSLAM is established. Comes with the Original battery which is still quite good and the power charger.

The UnBrickable

Registration Forgot your password? All modules are latest version except firewall dsl35eu a bit old. IP address of Modem: Ethernet light is not on even cable is plug in. Save Watchlist or, Email. Firmware Update Notes a Firmware updates via router’s web manager must follow incremental sequence from lower to higher version, otherwise jumping or skipping version in between will results in error and bricked modem!!

Pros No driver is needed. Unplug all cables from you router, turn it upside down and lay it on a flat surface. Intro I’m kind of obsessed with dead stuffs, especially bricked electronic gadgets, they always seems to be silently begging me for help to revive it back to their “normal life” whenever I got chance to meet one, well here is one of them, lying on the storage shelf for years fully dead and bricked, introducing the Aztech DSLE ADSL Modem: Check driver of the NIC is properly installed.


Hard reset the modem to set it back to default factory mode. Get a daily alert with: Used, in very good condition, as good as new.

All modules are old version and no firewall function. In this case you will have to do an USB firmware flash in order to fix it. Locate the jumper pins pair on the circuit board, the pair should be situated near to the small shiny metal component clock xtalplace the jumper block onto the pins, try to avoid touching any of the circuit.

Computers in Singapore Keyword: Make sure the router’s circuit board is lying flat on the bottom casing. Specification as below;This is ubs Norm About Me Trony View my complete profile. Get a daily usbb with the latest ads in your areas of interest.

Flash the router 1.

Discharge any static electricity from your body by touching something earthed like a PC’s exposed not painted over back panel metal casing. This ysb is my compilation from version 4.

Check proxy is turn off.