Colour accuracy measurements are based on a comparison with sRGB so should be ignored here. A view of the screen with the supplied monitor hood is also provided above. The duty cycle the time for which the backlight is on is also important and the shorter the duty cycle, the more potential there is that you may see flicker. There is also a touch-sensitive power button which glows white during operation and pulsates on and off white during standby. The panel is confirmed when accessing the factory menu: We tested the screen to establish the methods used to control backlight dimming.

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BenQ PGPT Review – TFTCentral

Benq Fpvw Digital was fully scanned at: The PGPT overall was an impressive screen, especially considering it is BenQ’s first venture into the professional colour enthusiast market. Very good and easy to use range of ergonomic adjustments available from the stand, so should be easy to obtain a comfortable position for multiple users or if bwnq want to sit further away from the screen for movie viewing.

All other settings were left at factory defaults and no ICC profile was active, although we did turn off the uniformity compensation feature. On a black image there is a characteristic and fairly typical IPS white glow, but in benqq working conditions this shouldn’t present much problem. Would you use this site again?: Tilt, mm height, swivel and rotate.

Of course for maximum levels of accuracy and control users will want a compatible calibration device to hardware calibrate the screen. A summary of the screens ergonomic adjustments is shown below: There was some slight gradation in darker tones but no banding was introduced which can often happen where adjustments are made to the graphics card LUT from the profilation of the screen.


BenQ Scanners — drivers

While the hardware calibration software was very good and offered a lot of options, the lack of brightness control from the OSD afterwards was annoying and the calibration process itself takes a long time. Behq downloading and installing Benq Fpvw Digital, or the driver installation manager, take a few minutes to send us a report: The response time performance overall was actually a bit better than our initial small sample set, returning a figure of 8.

Overall the response time had been improved to 8. The left hand edge of the screen has two USB 3. Again there is a defined sRGB preset available in the menu which performs identically to this ‘standard’ mode set with sRGB colour gamut. The buttons aren’t labelled so you do need to remember what each of the symbols represents.

Click for larger version right. We will be able to bejq the colour accuracy setup in the next section once we are measuring the sRGB colour space.

Benq Fpvw Digital Driver Download

Click for larger versions. This will give us a realistic view of how the monitor performs in real life, as opposed to being reliant only on a manufacturers spec. This way we can set up two software calibrated modes so ebnq can quickly and easily switch between them if we want, remembering we will also need to switch the active ICC profile when we do.


The wide viewing angles genq by the IPS panel technology on both horizontal and vertical planes, helps minimize on-screen colour shift when viewed from different angles. The third section is the ‘ergonomics’ section.

Black depth – we bnq for as low as possible to maximise shadow detail and to offer us the best contrast ratio. Monitor Specifications Size Benq Fpvw Digital S The part being used is the LG.

All black screen in a darkened room. The default factory setup of the screen was good in terms of gamma, white point and the balance of colours, with only minor errors from the factory calibration.

The only issue with HW calibration is that once done, you can’t change basic settings like the OSD brightness, or turn uniformity compensation on and off.

As the setting got cooler, there was a larger temp difference ranging up to k maximum at the coolest setting.

Benq Fp241vw Digital Driver Download

The movement is smooth though. It is available in the ‘system’ section of the OSD menu as shown above with a setting for on and off available.

They wanted to be able to offer the benefits of LED backlighting lower power consumption, lower heat output, thinner profile but deliver a wide colour gamut support for colour critical work and the professional users.