However it yielded exactly the same checksum on 3 consecutive downloads. Then I tried the classic method on the wiki page. Board index All times are UTC. Will not run on Pure “N” but works as “G”. Page History Login to edit.

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Airlink101 AWLL6075

February 19th, 1. But now it seems every time I update the kernel, I have to go through this process again. I haven’t fully configured it yet, but I can do “iwlist wlan0 scanning” and see the nearby ESSID and all the details, so now I just need to get all the various configuration files set properly.

Is it a driver issue I’m using whatever Ubuntu came with? I tried to get netcfg to manage both wired and wireless networks, but couldn’t do it. On the other hand, the transmission of data could not have been corrupted in exactly the same way 3 straight times.

It worked for me too! Requires manual config and locks up under heavy use.


Airlink AWLL – WikiDevi

This wireless device works with the Raspian Operating System provided on a 4GB card that came with the kit. First, I tried defining an qirlink in rc. The Debian Dockstar forums have postings indicating success, such as this onebut Arch Linux linyx a little differently than Debian, and I am not sure how to do it.

Select all su -c ‘ifconfig -a’ Although I do see now you can download a Wheezy-based Raspian. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

It works beautifully so far. Any comments about the Raspberry Pi web site would be appreciated. Page History Login to edit. Ubuntu Fanatic at Large. Used Linux Ubuntu 2. Originally Posted by Wgimson.

This may be similar although the brand of wifi is different. Rtl wireless card drops signal within seconds.

RPi USB Wi-Fi Adapters

No zdrw kernel module in Edgy and newer Ubuntu releases. The problem is that if I disconnect the wired ethernet and reboot the machine, the wireless interface comes up enough to respond to pings, but I can’t ssh linix it. I’m running Ubuntu Is there a step I’m missing after downloading the file and before running those two sudo commands?


It eventually aiflink “working,” but still drops a lot of packets and stops working sporadically.

HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCardsAirlink – Community Help Wiki

Works “out of the box” Yes – It airlinm perfectly with no manual modifications, or degraded performance. I tried running the commands in quotes and got. It’s a really nice product, works great, super small, very cheap too, hate to through it out. I set up wireless profile for netcfg, and now I get Code: November 5th, 5. When trying this, In rc.

You mention ifconfig shows a lot of packet loss. February 25th, 7. Select all Bus Device October 29th, 4.