If so, I imagine in order to show more than one channel, software would have to be able to change the PIDs being filtered. This page has been accessed 1,, times. Off to get a better portable indoor aerial from Argos this pm. Depending on what exactly the manufacturer did, you may have to reinstall the drivers every time your kernel is updated. Anyone have the same problem and has solved it?

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Terratec home cinema app doesnt seem to recognise my usb dongle whatchamacallit Or is this being done by drivers?

Post by Manu Abraham So in this case, they have not explicitly said anything, but will wait for information from him whether the said information can be made public. Are there 3rd party drivers which can interface with the device? So I dont think its your usb stick being faulty.

Do NOT use the firmware http: In reverse inside in the circuit It has ” ver 2. Cannot get it to work, read all pages, but my problem is different all of you. In dmesg I see: The tuning assistant is only for faatech cards, so not relevent for your digital card. Off to get a better portable indoor aerial from Argos this pm.


CONFIG_DVB_USB_AF9035: Afatech AF9035 DVB-T USB2.0 support

If written that way, an out-of-kernel driver can be written, which fully integrates to udev without the disadvantage of closed source or incompatibility to other drivers. I can get it to work ok with the BlazeDTV 2.

Consequently, they are unusable at the moment. If you own one or more devices from the following list and you want to help with support development, please contact the Linux-Media Mailing List LMML. As linux media drivers are character based, drivers can be also written using libfuse’s character device in userspace example. Rev 4 doesn’t work yet, see below. Lastly, it bears worth repeating the request: In germany a similar device seems to be sold as dnt EuroMini [].

The only problem is the remote not working – though I guess I can use girder to replace this.

The Terratec driver and application is much nicer than the Blaze one – the only drawback being it didn’t find 70 odd “unknown” channels, so you can at least watch the channel donggle if you don’t know what it is. Do you want me or Manu, since my contact knows him very well to ask them if I can forward you the documentation?

DVB-T USB Devices – LinuxTVWiki

Just got feedback from Blaze, they improved the software and improved the function of identifying channels’ ID, you can download a new version already http: Try increasing the retries in the advanced scan page. I have tried E Mailing Blaze but it just bounces back support blazevideo.


ASUS also provides drivers for this device through their website [70]. Just tried the blaze again, it shows full signal on the bar, but every now and then ‘No Signal’ flashes up in the main tv windows, what does that mean?

Strowes Hi, Shall I take a resounding silence as a “no”? I have dowloaded the files mentioned here and the cd is same version. Afatech AFAFreescale mc44s Post by Luca Olivetti Another stupid question: USB ID is 13d3: Terratec finds three of the multiplexes including the BBC but steadfastly refuses to pick up the others which were fine on Blaze. The quality of the code if open, there are also cases where you just get a binary blob too often just isn’t good enough and there’s still too much work to be done to make the device work.

Drivers can be profiled easily and more accurately than in kernelspace.