You can run either nVidia’s drivers on it which takes advantage of the on-board nVidia MCP sound hardware upstream of the Realtek codec chip or Realtek’s which bypasses the nVidia MCP hardware and talks directly to the ALC , but the nVidia drivers currently seem to have better compatibility despite being released less recently. All in all, a fairly capable chip. It sounded better than my current ALC Athlon X2 2. The room around the processor socket for heatsinks is about average and should be more than adequate for any heatsink that does not require the mounting holes, which are not included anyway. Originally Posted by Zvi.

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Also, your help is very much appreciated. I had an audigy2 live sc 6. The only reason you should be looking at soundstorm if the A2 is an option for you is if you’re outputting to a receiver and want DD encoding.

ABIT NF7, Socket A, AMD Motherboard

Thanks for the pointer. You’re perfect, yes it’s true Some color changes and flaws may appear.

The time now is Latest News Latest Jf7. Is Topre Realforce the Realthing? And, as has also shown to be common on the nForce2 motherboard market, the DIMM slots are too close to the AGP slot and can be a pain when using a long video card, like a Ti So, maybe it all makes sense that way…?


Also, recent versions of the nVidia mixer are buggy and have a memory leak uses up all your aabit if you leave it running for several days. I will start with mine. This content was originally featured on Amdmb. My current rig Dell Dimension Immediately to the left of the SPP chip are the power connectors. This site hosts no abandonware.

Gigabyte GA-7NPro2 rev 2. If Abit could have somehow moved those components to elsewhere on the board and moved the AGP slot down one unit, then the DIMM slot issue mentioned about would not have been an issue at all. Logitech’s intelligent solution to their smart home restores Harmony. Home Reviews News Nv7. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Here’s a good place for drivers, although this version is new since I last checked: Windows XP x64 Software: The A2 oem is 6.

ABIT NF7, Socket A, AMD Motherboard | eBay

You may want to move this to PC or Milliways. Supported via a joystick bracket pin header on the motherboard, but GigaByte didn’t include a bracket. Also supports HRTF abir of 5.


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AC97 vs SoundStorm vs Audigy2

Abit has opted to include the standard ATX power connector as well as the additional 4-pin connector for added power and stability to the system. This way, we would know ad ones are good and which ones are best to avoid. You may have to register before you can post: This is not something that I would have expected from Abit, as they are usually the first to help the end-user with their high-end performance needs. Would the A2 alone give me a noticable difference in SQ over my old A1?

I would like everyone to contribute in making an AC’97 sound cards listing. Another one I had forgot A note on the 997 downmixing: