They have opened an exciting new world to me! I also connected a power connector to the floppy drive, because no power connector was connected to it. If the XP CD does not have SP3 updates integrated into it on the CD, after SP3 updates have been installed, you can free up some hard drive space by removing backup files created when SP3 updates are installed, but then you can’t un-install the SP3 updates you usually never need to, if you install SP3 updates before you have installed a lot of other programs – see below. I edited post , and above correcting my typos of to Try booting with the SeaTools diagnostics CD again. Note that the specifications of your drive must match with the drive table.

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They have a higher higher max continuous data transfer rate than conventional hard drives. If a file has a. I don’t know if anyone else is using the Product Key.

MS-6714 ver. 2 continous long beep – MSI 845GEM-L (MS-6714-020) Motherboard

AIR is an Adobe program that’s often installed along with other Adobe software. If your Boot Order or similar settings are set so the floppy drive is listed first in the bios Setupthat should work fine. Fer they’re not m-s6714 now, then it’s likely they were not un-installed properly and the keys are still in the Registry where Keyfinder looks for the Microsoft keys.

A floppy drive in a state of excitement!

If the drive has 99 or fewer errors, the long test will finish, and you’ll probably, but not surely, see that they give you the option to zero fill the drive, but it’s better if you zero fill the drive with the Lifeguard program since it’s not a Seagate or Maxtor drive. I had to go read and learn about hard drives first because really this was the first time I’v seen what a hard drive looks like: Was a lot of 11 you guys posted for someone like me, so I had to go learn some more terms and definitions etc.


You could also take a close look at the ram module, especial at it’s top, to see if any chips have become detached from vee they’re supposed to be firmly soldered – that can happen vee someone has dropped the module, or if somone pushed down on a chip rather than the module card if the chips are right at the top.

You should boot the computer with the Data Lifeguard disk already inserted. I was shown the following information with a DOS session: My monitor for the is presently connected to the js-6714 card that I want to remove. According to the link you provided above you do have integrated graphics.

You are probably getting that message because there’s at least one previously undetected bad sector on the floppy disk. On the mboard floppy data header, the stripe must be on the pin one end of the data header – that’s usually marked with a 1 or an arrowhead printed on the mboard, or if not that’s shown there, it’s shown in the mboard manual.

Need to replace the display flex ribbon cable to solve the flickering and color lines problem. So then I joined this forum to seek help on how to ressurrect this old MS There was also no power connector connected to the floppy drive, so I connected it.

I found the jumper placement diagram on the paper label on the top of the drive: If the drive still spins, usually there’s nothing physically wrong with the mechanical parts of the drive or the disks platters inside the drive – ms-674 the drive’s circuit board that is malfunctioning. Note that the specifications of your drive must match with the drive table. You can straighten out the pins easily fer the power connector to the drive, then That’s for an XP Repair installation, but the procedure is the same except m-s6714 need to delete and make at least one partition, and you will not have the second Repair choice, and that’s for XP Pro but what you see in XP Home’s Setup is nearly identical.


Help me resurrect a throw-away MS VER:1

I never use Cable Select jumpering myself. It’s worth a thousand words. You can tell if you have integrated graphics this way. Quoted from my manual Hard Disk Connectors: Your previous question – Verr I sure I know a long beep from a short one?

I also looked at http: More and more PCs are shipped without floppy drives these days, and it is such a royal pain when you need to run diagnostic tools on them.

What should I do next? If you boot with something on the disk that has the operating system fully installed on the disk, e. Unfortunately I can’t help you with vendors that ship to S.

Similar probably applies to non-Windows operating systems.