Press Ok to accept the selected number. Note that not all hearing devices have telecoils in them. Never dispose of batteries in a fire because they may explode. To aid consumers in identifying authentic Motorola batteries from non-original or Important: Right Soft Choose the feature that opens when For example if you want to assign the Messages Key you press the right soft key. What Other Limitations Are There?

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The unlock memoy must contain four digits. Categories Sound Setup To create a new playlist, scroll to [New Playlist] Auto Repeat – Repeat the selected song or all songs in the current your computer. Excessive heat can damage the batteries, and particularly from the continued use of phone or the battery. Software that is not embodied in physical media e.

You can listen to music on the move. Additionally, the use of wireless devices and their accessories may be prohibited or restricted in certain areas. This FCC Notice 62 Industry Canada Notice equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

The ratings are not guarantees. W Indicates phone is in a digital Roaming coverage area and memoryy roaming off network. However, all key locations, sequences, and functions are the same. Make sure to format new get started 11 memory cards, as described on page Defects, damages, or the failure of Products, Accessories or Software due to any communication service or signal you may subscribe to or use with the Products Accessories or Software is excluded from coverage.


Note that not all hearing devices have telecoils in them. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules.

Motorola MOTO W Memory Cards – MemoryC

Before using the phone for the first time, read the Important Safety and Legal Information included in the grayedged pages at the back of this guide. Rain, sleet, snow, ice, and even heavy vard can be hazardous.

The guidelines are based on standards that were developed by independent scientific organizations through periodic and thorough evaluation of scientific studies. When some mobile phones are used near some hearing devices hearing aids and cochlear implantsusers may detect a buzzing, humming, or whining noise. When you are in such an area, turn off your mobile device, and do not remove, install, or charge batteries. A locked phone still rings or page You will receive instructions on how to ship the Products, Accessories carr Software, at your expense, to a Motorola Authorized Repair Center.

Phones that are rated have the rating on their box or a label on notorola box.

Motorola W – Full phone specifications

If possible, add an additional layer of convenience to your mobile device with one of the many Motorola Original handsfree accessories available today.

Connect a stereo headset for high quality music playback. This can be faster than the Tap method. Take care when removing or replacing any part phone.


Defects or q230 resulting from service, testing, adjustment, installation, maintenance, alteration, or modification in any way by someone other than Motorola, or its authorized service centers, are excluded from coverage.

Caring for the Environment by Recycling Recycling Information This symbol on a Motorola product means the product should not be disposed of with household waste. If your mobile device offers an airplane mode or similar feature, consult airline staff about using it in flight.

Motorola W230 User Manual: Memory Card Setup

If you choose to use your mobile device while driving, remember the following tips: When you communicate with your mobile device, the system handling your call controls the power level at which your mobile device transmits. To view your missed calls at any time: It resets all amount of time for which you are billed by your options to their factory settings except for the service provider.

New Voicemail new voicemail message. Message basics 19 enter text k or n iTAP, capitalize next letter Some screens allow you to use the keypad to enter i or o iTAP, all capital letters text, such as when you compose a message: For information on backing up your mobile device data before erasing it, go to www.