When you shop online consider using our special link. A decent looking super game improvement iron which can do a job for a wide audience of golfers. A brilliant option for golfers not really wanting the looks of a full super game improvement model but whose game still needs decent levels of forgiveness and playability. Kevin R 2 months ago. Really interested in your reply as I currently use the same driver, but without the added weight. Just got the TS3 with Hazardous Yellow shaft and impressed through two rounds. Pros cc titanium head Precision adjustability offers 12 settings to tune in your lie, loft, and face angle Loft and lie have an adjustable range of three degrees Face angle can be adjusted up to four and a half degrees Optimal center of gravity Huge sweet spot.

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Thanks for the draw driver info. Absolutely, the farther back the CG the more dynamic loft is created.

Robin 2 months ago. I have about a swing speed. The new face technology, RMOTO, provides structure while saving weight creating a higher speed on the ball across the face. Giving control back to the player isn’t easy to achieve when there are so many elements of a perfect golf swing. You can lose confidence in your golfing abilities pretty quickly if you stick with a golf club that punishes you severely for hitting mishits. Is there a driver of choice that helps with this? Confidence and Enjoyment Your confidence in your abilities as a golfer will be crushed if you keep using a golf club that severely punishes you for not hitting the ball perfectly.


They are much larger than any other driver you have used before.

This gives you the chance to manipulate the spin rate of the drive without changing its launch angle and as such reduce those sky balls from your game. MOI is calculated by how much an object resists an angular acceleration or in other words, twisting. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Ok then, we can make things a little easier for you by moving the heavy objects to the center of fogiveable club.

MyGolfSpy Labs: The Most Forgiving Drivers of

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. This shift in weight creates a massive sweet spot as well as the highest moment of inertia on any TaylorMade driver. PING is a little on the heavy side. Many golfers that are newer to the sport have issues finding the sweet spot in the center of more advanced clubs. Professionals and intermediate golfers forgivveable use heavier clubs and use that weight to their advantage when it comes to power and control.

The large face on drivers such as these give you mosg leeway on having to hit the ball exactly in the middle of the club. In the end FEEL is all that really matters, the difference in perfomance is irrelevant whether Joe Blow hits or matters not a jot, you need a club that suits your eye, feels right and you hit straight most of the time. Off centre hits are more telling than centred hits anyhow as that is where most people hit the ball.


Brad 2 months ago. Some players have naturally slower swings or come to the point in their lives that their bodies just can’t do what they used to anymore. If you’re going for forgiveness lofting up and shortening the shaft can help with that.

The size of the club head and the diameter of the face of the club are distinguishable elements of a forgiving driver because you will notice that that are much bigger than any driver you have seen before.

This was the only Golf spy analysis that I knew the answer before I saw the results. Some of the drivers even come with the ability for you to adjust the gravity mid-round.

This driver uses newly optimized TaylorMade metal woods technologies. A high moment of inertia is what the makers of clubs use adding more forgiveness to the club. James 2 months ago. It can be measured and verified.

MyGolfSpy Labs: The Most Forgiving Drivers of 2018

You forgot; the shortest distance between two points is a straight line! Roger 2 months ago. The increased moment of inertia allows for the most distance and control. Does this align with shot area from testers? A forgiving driver will usually have a large face that allows for more leeway when hitting the ball.