The More Options tool provides you with additional scanner and image controls. Selecting the printing method Basic Concepts Components of effective scanning The scanner is only one part of the scanning system. Feb 16, Microtek dpi Scanner. Reinstall printer using driver only.

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For now, set resolution at 72 or 75 dpi. For optimal quality, use a bit also known as True Color card that is set to “millions of colors” micrktek ” The following pages show you how to use the software to scan line art, grayscale, and color, as well as how to enlarge your view of an image and use image-enhancement tools.

This does not mean that the colors will be correct once you print them; you still need a color management system to calibrate your printer as well. With Aspect Lock on, only output dimensions can be edited.

The More Options tool provides you with additional scanner and image controls. To use the Image Dimension Controls: Note If your Scanmmaker window is close to the right edge of your monitor, the Scan Material submenu may appear on the left side instead of on the right as shown above.

This is particularly useful for working with bit images, as more detail can be seen in such images. Click OK to close the dialog box.

The extra amount of information that can be processed by bit scanners translates to more vivid color reproduction, plua the scanner is able to accommodate more subtle gradations of color approaching lifelike accuracy.


August Microtek Lab, Inc. Photoshop-saved curves can also be loaded. In the following example, we will use a single image and then divide it into two parts: Output Image Parameters An overexposed negative looks dark with the image itself in the scanmwker box appearing brightwhile an underexposed negative appears light with the image itself appearing dark.

6ft MicroTek ScanMaker E3 Plus (EPP) USB A to USB B Scanner cable Scanning cord

When you click on any point in the curve, a control point appears to mark your position. Select the unit of measurement for the rulers in either the Settings window or the Preview window.

Here, the histogram is heavily skewed to the left, where the darkest pixels are, indicating a dark image. When you release the mouse, the scan frame will be in a marquee. Enter a value in the applicable edit boxes width input, height input, scaling, width output, height output. The Settings Window Image Dimension controls These controls allow you to adjust the various factors that affect the image, including the width and height of your image when it is first scanned inputthe scaling factor, and the dimensions of the image when it is finally output.

Familiarize yourself too with the various action buttons in the AIE dialog box and how they work. Here are some things you can do with ScanWizard: Check marks indicate which job or jobs are to be scanned; the highlighted title indicates the current scan job.


Microtek ScanMaker E3 SCSI User`s manual |

In addition, experiment with the tools in your scanning software. Then click on the Window Expansion button in the Settings window mcirotek see the bottom half of the window. Subscription auto-renews at the end of the term Learn more. Area to be zoomed in with the Sccanmaker Preview tool Selected image part zoomed in enlarged in high resolution Zoomed preview Full page preview To use the Zoom Preview tool: For scanning slides, filmstrips, and transparencies.

The darkest pixels are at the left; the lightest pixels are at the right. Make sure the RMA number is on the outside address label. A shielded interface cable with ferrite core installed on the scanner connector end must be used with this equipment. Printed images have their own resolution, as measured in lines per inch lpiwhich is distinct from the resolution of electronic images as measured in dpi. Controls in zcanmaker More Options screen Use Linear Gamma Curve This option allows the scanning software to read only raw image data, so that no color adjustment not even the generic color correction profile is applied to your image when it is scanned.