Manufactured by Acowin Industrial Limited; see http: If you want to add mappings for the four coloured keys here are the entries you need in keyboard. Maybe it works for the keyboard as well. June 21, at 8: The remote control for Media Center PC lights blink once to confirm the selection. In other cases, it was not recognized as a Microsoft eHome device a patch from HP may be required , but as a FinTek eHome device after getting the hacked Fintek driver.

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This type of remote is supported out of the box by Kodi Live. This is a user dependent process you can disable it. But with Girder you could get the remote to control whatever function you would want.

Microsoft Rc6 IR Remote Control | eBay

These rcc6 usually work by emulating a keyboard, that is when you press a button on the remote Kodi receives a key press just as if a key had been pressed on the keyboard. Although, this prevents the computer from shutting down, the key still doesn’t make it into Kodi. Restart the computer and enable the device again to check the issue.

What could be solution for this? August 28, at Both versions are compatible with the Microsoft remote, and the.


Problem is that Microsoft has made a mess when it comes to the different versions of this remote. All these variants of the MS remote will work out of the box with Kodi Live, though with a standard Linux install you’ll need to install and configure Lirc. This will work on Windows I’ve tested on XP and 7 with the Microsoft receiver or a compatible receiver like the HP the remote rc66 not come with a receiver though need a minor registry tweak.

However, the keys are not backlit. From Official Kodi Wiki. No configuration is needed.

It is also detected as MCE remote by microsofr, but has slightly different keycodes, which are incompatible with xbmc defaults. An old trick with the MCE remote is also to remove the batteries, let them stay out of the remote for half an hour and then put them back in.

Locate button-suspend and change it’s setting to Nothing. July 12, at 4: Note that Microsoft has modified the programming and device specification for remote controls several times. The article groups the Microsoft compatible also known as eHome or RC6 remotes together first, as these are most configurable when you’re using them with XBMC.

The receiver Model number: This proces is ending itself every 10 seconds. But, I have to admit that I have never had an issue of crashing my remote.


Maybe I had crashed it when grabbing it back off my friends, but not caused any lasting damage! I have an Xbox setup as an extender in another room… and so the spare remote is being used very happily with that.

HP Windows Media Center RC6 Remote Control TSGH-IR07

The default behavior is to pop up a notification with the key combination passed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here My Olevia TV remote volume up button has failed and as you have to send the signal to the MS remote so it can learn it, I think I am still stuck. You should probably microsof this behavior with what you want. Expand the Human Interface Devices. Email mlcrosoft Address never made public.

January 3, at Text on this page is available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3. Click OK and then Restart the computer f: