Device selector does nothing. MPT The software will search again the system for connected PTC04 programmer and will come up with a new dialog asking for manual selection of a serial port. HLP for more details. In such a case you have to upload the correct firmware: If you move the date 1 year, then the warning will also only come in 1 year. When clicking the “New device” and “Set settings” buttons, it is ok.

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PTC Programmer | Melexis

In such a case perform the following steps: Is there any document how to do it? But i got maybe problem on the step of SetAlphaMiddlePos. Is this the sign of a chip that has been preprogrammed and locked from the manufacturer?

This programming tool is suitable for mass production and has already been used in mass production by many customers for many years. Once the file is opened, the firmware is loaded in to the PTC programmer. This should be the same as the “Unit” number on the side of the programmer. However, by using the multi point end-user calibration, this error can be improved.

The transfer characteristic i. Please suggest soon as i have to make one Prototype using this IC. From previous projects we know that it will be very time consuming ptcc-04 you and for us to get it work correctly and in the end it will cost pc-04 then the PTC The values I receive are wrong. I want to memlock my only if it is tested OK;2 if I want to apply PTC as programmer in Mass Production, how to maintain it in health condition?


As mentioned above, you cannot avoid the discontinuity i.

This can be done for example with the following instruction: In such a case, please follow the instructions for Question: Is it possible to program the device without the PTC? To acquire the full equipment, please contact our sales representative.

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In such a case you have to upload the correct firmware: You can download the software from softdist. Can I communicate with the two chips without changing the connections from one sensor to the other?

To postpone the calibration check of the PTC04, one can move the Next calibration date to a later date. I also tried setting the chip version is this necessary?

PTC-04 – Programmer for Melexis PTC devices

If the magnetic field is too strong or too weak you will receive an error code in case you work in SPI mode, and a diagnostic output level in case you selected the analog output mode. What is the reason? The IC can be programmed through the connector i. Those resistors are implemented on the Daughter Board of the PTC so that you don’t need to connect them externally.


If it matches then the problem is solved. We also recommend performing a calibration of the PTC every year. It should solve your issue. The user interface nelexis PTC has a test program that is made to perform a quick check of the hardware.

Is it possible to tell what sensors I actually received with the PTC? PTC04 main ID parameters have been overwritten. In all other cases you will need the PTC to program the parts in the final application trough the output pin.

The DB can handle single and dual hall sensors.