And it doesn’t seem to work. Upgrade growl from 1. The driver is loaded at boot. I removed the previous application with AppCleaner, and I didn’t found any kismac. In particular, what are the series of command lines if say I wanted a key for a wireless network named “3AF8D7”. I have Snow leopard

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I hope regardless of the FCC you could assist me I have a not so bad machine, and I run about words per second.

Mac Tips and “How To” On a Mac: KisMAC Resources

Unless you are the NSA, it’s probably out of your reach: So, you have the right approach. After few tests and compared to the one mentioned above in “best card” I would not consider buying them again. Sorry in advance if I have blatantly missed the post with the answer.

Try uninstalling without unload it first and you’ll see what I mean. Anonymous May 29, at And apparently, it’s going to hot for a long while Admin May 29, at 2: The crack was successful – however I can not join the network with my airport card I don’t even see the network! Anonymous June 11, at 7: On Kismac “channel” menu says: Anonymous July 28, at 6: Blogumulus by Roy Tanck and Amanda Fazani.


Newer Post Older Post Home. There is a “Search” for the blog on the top left corner.

Case 1 Do you mean WPA? Admin June 3, at 8: Bunch O’ Free App. KisMac crashes after a few seconds.

I still dont see the “unload” part. Monolingual Remove unused languages and free up to 5 Gb of space. If you think everything is kismca, you can try to restart your computer.

Admin June 7, at 3: Update to my previous content. Your best shot at uninstalling Plist is to use the free App called “App Cleaner” You’ll find the link, directions, etc, on the blog left hand side If you have installed the drivers provided with a CD for a specific chipset, you will need: Upgrade growl from 1.

Update on Oct 6 The main question here is I have tried a gentle sudo unload on IOFamily as a guestimation that this could be the driver and i receive the following: Admin May 13, at 6: Any idea of what is the driver i should look for?? It’s weird, 1- check that you do not have a filter enabled 2- try with KisMAC trunk R, you could be running Hello Emmanuelle, Thanks for making the effort to read and try, it’s appreciated.


You may have heard of the Yahoo!

Sorry but I’m not so able with this stuff