This variant is frequently subject to other limitations such as distance from strong gravity wells. However, at higher TLs it might be possible to tune this time to something more desirable whether higher or lower. Many misjumps involve unintended travel distances out of all proportion within J-6 limitations. All starships in J-space appear alone and isolated. This time spent in the jumpspace tunnel is referred to as time “in the hole” by experienced travellers. According to this theory, jumpspaces are alternate spaces, each only dimly understood from the standpoint of our own universe. These factors can allow writers to build dramatic tension by showing characters struggling to reach a jump point, or to recharge their drive, before their foes reach them.

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Jump Drive

In addition, it is possible that, with enough understanding of this process, and the technology to implement that understanding, that misjumps can be harnessed and controlled. After all, an antimatter power plant is fundamentally better suited at generating vast amounts of power in a short time than a fusion power plant. Very little energy is lost from leakage; however, fluctuations in energy input are mirrored in the output when the crystals are drained.

As for items of technology, depending on how this works they might have the same functionality in each type of space, or the constraints of the laws of nature in each space might make their functionality very different in each realm.

It might also create naked singularities among other problems.

Jumpspace – Traveller

When initially introduced they can reduce the distance at which a ship can safely jump to some 10 diameters; this would probably be at roughly TL Starships must generate immense amounts of power to jump; usually, this power is supplied by the standard travellef power plant. AeonNov 18, Therefore one Jump Unit converts 75kg of mass to energy [this is the energy of a megaton nuclear bomb per Jump Unit!


Red TragellerNov 19, This may be more of a factor than a saving on cargo space, as for a Far Trader-sized ship only a few kl of cargo space may be gained by using this approach.

The Vargrfor instance, have experimented with Barium jump drives with some success. Thus for an antimatter-powered jump drive only 1. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article was copied or excerpted from the following copyrighted sources and used under license from Far Future Enterprises or by permission of the author. Content is available under Traveller Copyright.

Please see Lanthanum for more information.

Traveller: Jump Drive Thoughts and Ideas

In extreme cases, they can explosively decompose and do significant damage to the ship. We have a proposed FTL system for use in real life.

Recharging is done by solar sails, or in developed systems there may be a recharge station. These should cover the basics used in all Traveller rulesets. Setting up colonies by nation allows lots of recognisable cultures, but allows you to throw in ‘spacer’ cultures which are in the process of evolving. No FTL but they do have some sort of near lightspeed conduit system for the solar system.

Non-sophont-crewed starships seem to function far less reliably.

The lanthanum hull grid is built into the ship ‘s hull. This page was last edited on 12 Octoberat In its most primitive form, this would make the affected region effectively between 10 and diameters of a jmupdrive object; this could be achieved by using multiple gravity generators to generate gravitational white noise; within the region between these generators, this noise would add to produce randomly varying high gravitational gradients.


Initially somewhat less accurate and more prone to misjumps than a normal Jump drive, as this technology advances it becomes more accurate and reliable, with all of the implications that allows.

While originally conceived as an alternate universe, Jumpspace is correctly defined in String Theory as an extension of our universe, where there are more dimensions than are usually perceived.

Jump drive

You get settled worlds – not necessarily terraformed, which start to grow in population. This device determines how the lanthanum hull grid is to be powered up. Most believe it to be a gravitic effect.

In addition, fission Jump Units will be operating very near criticality to generate power at the high rate required to run a Jump Drive.

When a solar sail is used for recharging the type of star determines how long a recharge takes. A ship with a Jump-1 Drive will travel one parseca ship with a Jump-2 Drive two parsecs and so on.

Oh, and let’s not forget it’s still way frigging faster than any other propulsion system in existence or on the drawing board. This article needs additional jumpdrie for verification.