Intel and Real3D did their best to exploit AGP possibilities and deeply buffered the pipeline to hide host latencies. The Intel can select only small chunk of texture if the rest of the raster map is not needed for rendering. Intel also sold the i to 3rd party companies, and some PCI versions of the accelerator also were made. With price taken into account, only the PCI Starfighters were not so competetive, all the bad press AGP cards got does not seem so justified, at least on my systems. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Good for the card alone, but AGP memory is of course allocated in main memory.

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This player is therefore likely to have wasted money buying their character online. I was excited about them at the time.

It had a good feature set too. But now they are not so common. While Rge pro cards are common, most of them are 64 bit, with some weird late OEM versions even using a 32 bit memory bus The Intel can select only small chunk of texture if the rest of the raster map is not needed for rendering.

The peak bandwidth of AGP 1. I tested the green one, but ingel740 is no real difference. Especially when you are named Intel. Don’t get your hopes up, framerate effectively drops to one third, but it is a step in right direction compared to the Riva They also formed a joint project with Intel and Chips and Technologies later purchased by Intel to produce 3D accelerators for the PC market, under the code name “Auburn”.


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Yes it was a major flop in atp market that everyone made fun of, but I’m thinking that Intel could try again using a vastly scaled up verison of their iGPUs, but this time do it right. Maybe the best coverage those chips have ever had. The Intelor i codenamed Auburnis a nm graphics processing unit using an AGP interface released by Intel in It’s good to know the situation was a little rosier than I thought, and sgp to know it was benchmarked on a Duron.

This site hosts no abandonware. That is why PCI cards were supposed to do better, in fact it was widespread believe because nobody made a comparative review. Shadow of Inteo740 Fandango has problems. Probably error, yet the game runs quite fast on i in any case. In the lead-up to the i’s introduction, the press widely commented that it would drive all of the smaller vendors from the market.

Board index All times are UTC. Sideband addressing is ijtel740 implemented, allowing transfer of texture data and addresses at once. Never had the privilege of using one though.

Intel also sold the i to 3rd party companies, and some PCI versions of the accelerator also were made. Last edited by Scrotos on Mon Jun 29, 3: At the time, most accelerators used the CPU for triangle setup and geometry calculations, then handed the data off to the card to apply texture mapping and bilinear filtering.


Only few i cards made it into wild, making them super rare. In Augustafter less than 18 months on the market, Intel withdrew the i from the market. It couldn’t keep up with the rapid progress of 3dfx though and so was forgotten like various others.

Intel aborted the chip before high volume intel74 and instead of improving they chose to scrap whole discrete video business almost immediately. All of the local video memory is used for rendering and depth buffers.

It would be great to have variants with less memory to see how it performs with more buffers located in system memory. Rendition was first with edge AA, Riva introduced super sampled AA with incredible performance hit and now the i can do it sometimes at more acceptable framerates.

The Industry’s Foundation for High Performance Graphics

CPU years Article about Intel’s graphics solutions should probably begin with i fromthough i from is nowadays often considered more of a “3D accelerator”.

But it is using only sixteen bit data bus, half of AGP width and sideband addressing ability is lost as infel740.

If only people looked at the card.