I ran both a PII and Celeron 1. However, this inflicted a performance penalty on graphical performance since PCI has significantly lower bandwidth throughput than AGP. May 19, Posts: Following cards are known to work well: It is most likely slot 1 but might be new enough to be s Not as much as the ram, though.

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I am making yet another small upgrade to a customer. Wed K440bx 21, 5: Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Tue Mar 27, 8: It is most likely slot 1 but might be new enough to be s Wed Mar 28, 7: The ATX power connector is along the right edge of the board and shouldn’t cause any cable clutter.

Bona Intel iBX @ HWBOT

With footprint compatibility with the BX, the ZX is intended to allow OEMs to leverage BX design and validation investment to produce new systems to meet entry level market segment needs. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. I didn’t know that, how can I untel wether a motherboard supports newer, high-density sticks or not? How’s it fare in the land of Tyan and Supermicro?


So overclocking the FSB to Mhz is not an option then? Views Read Edit View history. You just need the right board. The board is fairly small for a dual processor board, but much larger than most single processor boards.

Gigabyte GA-6BXDS i440BX Dual Slot-1 ATX

Will your video be happy? The BX became one of Intel’s most popular chipsets. May 12, Posts: Finally, the unsupported Tualatin-core Pentium III could be used with an adapter and various modifications, with varying degrees of success. I don’t guarentee they won’t eat your head if you order from them or anything.

Gigabyte GA-6BXDS iBX Dual Slot-1 ATX

May 16, Posts: To some, their products were the best kept secret in the industry. Now Gigabyte is trying to make themselves a bit more prominent in all facets of the motherboard market. Apr 22, Posts: A lot of the pre-Coppermine 0.

That vintage motherboard probably does not support MB high density memory and the MB low density sticks demand a premium.


Even MB is marginal, and I’d try for I recall working on a few Intel brand BX boards that wouldn’t work with any MHz P3 unless they were a certain revision. SDRAM has different types of density? Rental car lied to me!

Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning I was pretty sure there was a high-end Asus board for just that application. Wed Mar 21, 7: May 1, Posts: That wasn’t usually the concern though, the concern is the motherboard. The success of the BX chipset has caused various software emulation and virtualization packages to use it as part of their virtual system. Imtel combines enhanced bus arbitration, deeper buffers, open-page memory architecture and ECC memory control to improve system performance.