If this file does not exist or does not have the proper syntax and a user logs in that is a collection owner then the configuration wizard will not run. The following roles will assign supervisor rights to the container specified in the scope to the user:. It was suggested that we set up a web server and run iManager 2. When I choose License-Install new License I get a dialog that says that there is no server with nlsadapt. Were experiencing the bug where you cannot run multi-instances of iManager Workstation 2. The scope defines how far up or down the tree rights will be assigned. There is no standalone download because it is only supported on the current version of NetWare.

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The following tasks in the eDirectory Maintenance role can only be used on a server running eDirectory 8.

(For Customer)iManager NetEco Product Documentation (V600R008C30_04)(PDF)-EN

We had a Novell contractor come in and set up our IDM system and he made several customizations to iManager Workstation 2. We test and review computer- and Internet-related products and In order to reset the values that are causing the data and UI problem do one of the following:.

Installation of iManager 2. NPM I tried this: In this case the Apache install will not complete properly. To resolve this issue, ijanager JVM 1. Does anybody else have one? You could also put it on another server or, my favorite, use iManager 2. Telstra customers use free data day to double downloads Upolad has declared its national day of free mobile downloads a success, with twice the usual traffic and no significant problems.


If you install iManager 1. Several roles in iManager require supervisor rights to the container to perform the required tasks of that role. Were experiencing the bug where you cannot run multi-instances of iManager Workstation 2.

SHA1 Should be able to uninstall and reinstall from the media. All subsequent lines should contain names of trees in. When iManager is running with JVM 1. If, for instance, the iPrint role is assigned to a user and the scope is set at the top of the tree, the user that was assigned to that role will have supervisor rights to the entire tree.

It shows me 10 users now. Prerequisites for each supported iManager 1.

Novell iManager Readme

Apply Sp7 post patches 3. In this situation, you will need to assign members to these roles in order to use them. To display this task you need to manually reinstall the iManager Base Content plug-in from the Install Plug-in task under the Plug-in Setup and Install uplkad. This will not install SSL support. No errors are given however the Apache configuration files are configured for ports 80 and not and the Apache Windows service is not installed.


Novell iManager 1.5.2 Readme

The scope defines how far up or down the tree rights will be assigned. Upgrading from IManager 2.

It is possible to see a problem where “NaN” will display in the validity and expiration fields of a custom certificate. When I try to Manage a printer I get the error: Instead this appears com. This is the expected behavior of imanaber application. If imanaget does not load when you click on the link in the Getting Started document, check the following file on Windows replacing this path with the path where you installed iManager: If your environment doesn’t require backwards compatibility with iManager 1.

There will be a line that looks something like this: I clicked the Query Editor again.