Field Strength Meter The field strength meter is a cost effective and simple solution for measuring, setting up and commissioning a hearing loop system to the requirements of IEC Listen Technologies hearing loop provides a simple solution. Mating connector for loop output. Improved power output provides outstanding value without compromise. The front panel has three recessed gain controls, recessed controls to set metal loss correction and loop current and a power switch. Rack Mount Tray for 1U Products Rack mount tray is used for mounting loop drivers and ancillary equipment providing a professional looking install of the loop system.

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The most essential job of inuction assistive listening system is to increase the level of the signal the voice relative to the background. Wall mount brackets WMF1-U. A perimeter loop is the simplest form of loop system requiring a single loop of cable around the area to be used.

Hearing Loop Receiver with Lanyard Package High quality receiver that allows people without hearing aids to listen to the loop audio with lanyard and ear speaker options.

Wall Mounting Brackets The brackets attach to the base of the units, and have wudio slots to mount the equipment parallel to a vertical service.

Handbook and installation instructions. Ampetronic offer a full five-year warranty on all products manufactured by them effective from date of shipment, provided the equipment has been used exclusively for the intended purpose and has not been modified, altered, used in an inappropriate manner or repaired by a non-authorised person.


Note that metal loss will also reduce the signal level in general, and may require additional power, or indeed an array system to achieve the right level of performance. There are very few product exceptions see www.


The loop output uses a Speakon NL4 connector. You may be able to conduct a site survey to confirm whether an array is necessary — contact Listen for details. The auvio shall incorporate audio processing to maximize the intelligibility for individuals with a t-coil equipped hearing aid.

Optimised for speech, dynamic range greater than 36dB.

It shall cover an area of at least 4, sqft. See Ampetronic Adapters and Pre-amplifiers for mixers and pre-amps to expand the input facilities and adapters to facilitate input connection from speaker lines and unbalanced microphones. Q What is an array system and how do I design one? Improved power output provides ilv300 value without compromise.

Q How do I choose which loop driver is best for my installation? They are AC powered and may be wall or rack-mounted. The unit shall occupy one-half rack space. Because the people who benefit from hearing loops individuals with t-coil hearing aidshave limited dynamic range due to hearing i,d300. Temporarily out of stock.


Ampetronic ILD300 Professional Rack Mountable Audio Induction Loop Driver

Q Should I purchase a field strength meter? Figuring out how to use the devices that help me hear can be complicated. Power is connected using an IEC inlet. Otherwise, jnduction should choose the cable based on the maximum total cable length in the specifications chart. Being hard of hearing in a hearing world can be quite challenging. Mating connector for loop output. Q When should I use a perimeter loop system and when do I need an array?

Loop drivers and other accessories can be fitted up to the total width. A constant current driver can deliver flat frequency response, essential for delivering intelligible sound and performance that meets the loop performance standard.

Ampetronic ILD hearing loop drivers and outline drawings

A An array uses two loop drivers and an SP5 phase shifter to create two overlaid magnetic fields, capable of accurately controlling the field within and around the loop system.

Ordered on demand, cancellations may incur charges. The case proffssional a full rack-width type.

The driver shall have a frequency response of at least 80 Hz to 6. Connections and facilities on the rear are the same.