Optional Path Failover that enables the host device driver to transparently switch to an alternative path if there is a communication path failure to the application. The library can be partitioned into one or two logical libraries, and can provide each logical library its own separate and distinct drives, storage slots, and control paths. The purchase quantity of the product has reached the upper limit. Software options The functionality of the TS and TS can be expanded with the following optional software features: Optional warranty service upgrades are available through Lenovo Services:

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Additional charges may apply outside Lenovo’s normal service area.

We are dedicated to delivering a positive finance experience for customers like you who want to maximize your purchase power by obtaining the technology you need today, protect against technology obsolescence, tapee preserve your capital for other uses. Related product families Product families related to this document are the following: Introduction Did you know?

With the use of one LTO full-height tape drive or up to two LTO half-height tape drives and with a tape cartridge capacity, the TS leverages LTO technology to cost-effectively handle growing storage requirements. Lenovo Service provides hardware problem determination on non-Lenovo parts for example, adapter cards, PCMCIA cards, disk drives, or memory installed within Lenovo machines covered under warranty service upgrades or maintenance services and provides the labor to replace the failing parts at no additional charge.

IBM list price does not include tax or shipping and is subject to change without notice. They are provided for your information only.

Our systems, processes and flexible policies support our ib of providing customers with a positive experience. Remote management capabilities to allow for remote administration of the TS and TS through a web interface.


Limited quantities are available. Customers are responsible for selecting and ordering the correct cables and interposers to match the IBM LTO Ultrium tape drive interface and the server interface. The TS is an excellent solution for large-capacity or high-performance tape backup with or without random access, as well as an excellent tape automation option for Lenovo System x servers and other open systems.

TS Tape Library | Standalone Automation | Lenovo US

Receive a free copy of the adventure, thriller VR game Blade Runner: We work with businesses, nonprofit organizations, governments and educational institutions to finance their entire technology solution e. Multi-path feature to allow sharing of the library robotics lbirary heterogeneous applications independently of each other. For you, this dedication provides a high-quality, easy, and positive financing experience. This product is not certified for direct connection by any means whatsoever to interfaces of public telecommunications networks.

Path Failover is an optional feature for this library designed to provide automatic control path failover to a preconfigured redundant control path in the event that a host adapter linrary control path drive is lost, without aborting the current job in process. Physical specifications Operating environment Warranty Regulatory compliance Interoperability Rack cabinets Power distribution units Uninterruptible power supply units Lenovo Financial Services Related publications and links Related product families Trademarks.

Optional warranty service upgrades are available through Lenovo Services: An update of the open systems device drivers can be obtained from the Fix Central download portal by accessing the following website. Certain machines contain remote support capabilities for direct problem reporting, remote problem determination, and resolution with Lenovo. This compensation dynamically optimizes readback signals for linear readback response from MR read head transducers.

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St3100 ordered as an option, the additional power supply will come with a power cord based on the original order. If required, Lenovo provides repair or exchange service, depending on the type of warranty service specified below for the machine.


IBM may release changes to the Machine Code. The type of service is Customer Replaceable Unit for example, keyboard, mouse, speaker, memory, or hard disk drive Service and On-site Service.

The installation of an Ultrium 6, Ultrium 5, or Ultrium 4 Tape Drives with encryption may require code updates for and supported open systems device drivers or storage management software.

The customer is responsible for evaluation, selection, and implementation of security features, administrative procedures, and appropriate controls in application systems and communications facilities. If the machine does not function as warranted and your problem can be resolved through your application of downloadable Machine Code, you are responsible for downloading and installing these designated Machine Code changes as IBM specifies.

The LTO 5 and later LTO tape drives are encryption capable, which means they can convert data into a cipher for data security. The LTO-CM holds information about that specific cartridge, the media in the cartridge, and the data on the media.

Optional available features include a rack mount kit, additional attachment cables, transparent LTO encryption, path failover, additional drives, ibj, and power cords.

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