Tue Jan 01, 5: You must force a refresh action before changing the disk. Selecting debian typically loads linux and its initrd into memory using bios calls, which will be striped as per the system setting. Tue Jan 01, 4: I’m not entirely clear on whether or not you have attempted to install a new OS on this new machine or not..

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HighPoint hpt370 RAID

In order to jpt370 the block arrangement of taid drives we need to write some data to the array. Here’s what happened to me: As the raid is in the firmware and not in the chip itself, kernels such as Linux that access hardware directly cannot use this code and need to do software raid. Thu Jan 03, 5: This is all installing from the CD.

I chose the Windows XP version. This can cause mega probels. We will get some error with entry.

HighPoint hpt RAID

Download What’s New Quick Specs. I have to think this is due to the RAID controllers.

You’ll find the FAQ’s have changed some on the Highpoint page, but the warnings haven’t. It stalled and crashed.


Ars Orbiting HQ Registered: Fri Jan 04, 2: If there rai one other hard disk attached then that would normally be hd0 when you have started from it, making the array hd1.

Jul 20, Posts: Dec 4, Posts: Tue Jan 01, 8: Missed CDrom hpt30 usb devices. Do a similar thing around the 0x mark, then you can re-install your kernel from your binary. Now we need to exit linux and start grub again from the bios, as it does the stripe translation that grub will use to find stage2, its menu.

cevice Jul 11, Posts: This will allow you to write data via the proprietary driver, and later, when the free driver is loaded, you can examine the effect on the disks that form the array, thus giving good clue to writing your own rules for linux software raid via dmraid.

However, this is only valid for linux up to 2.

Anybody have problems with WinXP and HPT370 controllers?

If you remove a disk from the controller but the software does not notice this event, it is also unable to notice the devlce when you plug another disk back to that location. When you actually talked to Highpoint, they told you this and were very open about it. In case of conflict among various parts of the documentation set, this file contains the most current information.


This writes it immediately after the hpt information block. Help us by reporting it.

Re: Help needed on HPT/ controller

Run XP upgrade program in a running system. Firstly it’s recommended to backup the hpt information block and the rootsector from each disk.

Dabanshee, that sounds moderately familiar. I’m not entirely clear on dveice or not you have attempted to install a new OS on this new machine or not. Got the message during install “cannot find “battery””. Everything is working nicely now.

XP will be on hd1,0 and so your ext2fs will be found on hd1,1.