Video Mode You can record real-time video in this section. The Autorun screen will bring up the installation screen. So any photo of yourself, your family or friend, your pet, from cartoons or comics, can be magically brought to life as an animated character on your messenger. In Online Content, you can play back and preview the latest comics or link to the content store site for purchasing more comic effects. We have some problems with your product.

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Page 28 English Mouth: Plug the webcam into the laptop first before you install the IPM program. Page 32 English Type in the text. Or Easy Driver Pro registered version Follow the guide sample image at the right side to place the 4 points for the fitting process. Your messenger then receives its audio and video sources from CrazyTalk Cam Suite. Can I install the webcam on my Android tablet?

Animate any person, animal, or illustration with CrazyTalk Avatar Creator’s easy-to-use professional editing tools.

Genius e-Messenger 112 – web camera

To create a card, do the following: Select the desired image and click Open to load it. You will see the Web Camera and Avatars window panes simultaneously.


Move and resize it drag the box or edit the Output Size options to the desired portion of the image for exporting. Page 38 How can I fine-tune the model image for more realistic facial movement?

Crazy Talk works with Windows 10 or previous versions but the Genius utility only works in Windows 7 or previous versions. Double-click on your friends, yenius are available to chat.

Click Preview button to invoke preview dialog box. Incorrect Correct If you are using eyes from the CrazyTalk eye library, you need to set the eye control points inside the eyelids This improves the gebius quality of the animated eyes.

Device Select different webcam device. If your character has a closed mouth, enable this feature so no dark line is visible between the lips while the mouth is closed.

Genius E Messenger 112 Webcam 1.2 Driver Download

Plug in a microphone and your avatar can lip-sync whatever you say instantly. Create a CrazyTalk Avatar Creator script to specify the animation and speech. Double-click any comic in the More Comic dialog, your face will show the comic instantly.

I have a webcam, when I installed the software, it is asking me to key in the password, what is the password? Main Menu English 1.

Click the Save button to save the current script as a customized profile. Make sure the web camera is connected to the USB e-messeger at the back of your computer. You can log in into your Amazon account and generate a Amazon return label.


Add virtual teeth and adjust the teeth.

Genius e-Messenger Free Driver Download for Windows XP () – eM_vzip

NOTE The web camera can work properly with any video chat e-messrnger that supports a video feature. Click to open a dialog box with four tabs. A crop box shows.

When you are watching the display, your face should appear in the acquired image. Page 31 English E-messneger the Record button to start recording from the audio source specified. So any photo of yourself, your family or friend, your pet, from cartoons or comics, can be magically brought to life as an animated character on your messenger.

If not perfect, you can close the dialog and try to change the location of control point