In today’s native processing environment, it is obvious that the value of a powerful driver providing low CPU load and low latency is considered much more valuable by professionals, compared to onboard DSP hardware. These days, when we talk to the members of our professional user community, we can see that the demand for a higher recording quality standard is getting more and more important, although we have to admit, that this is a considerably slow process. Is it an attempt to stand out against similar sound cards and to attract attention? We are confident that optional soundcards will be available in the future, probably mostly for audio enthusiast and of course for professionals. Our main goal of developing Juli was making a reference model card in terms of audio quality.

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Multi-client support An unlimited number of audio applications can be accessed simultaneously with the multi-client support.

ESI [email protected] – Professional Sound Card

Headphones Despite the fact that this card does not have a separate output to headphones, they can be carx using the 2RCA-minijack adapter. Rated 5 out of 5 by peterselby7 from Very Fine Sound Card I have used many high end audio components over the years.

Not specified by manufacturer. Ultra-low latency, less than 1. We test DirectSound functions of the card, because we have such an opportunity.

However, considering the high price of EMU, it cannot be called a successful sound card — it’s an economic modification of the elder M. In the 96 kHz mode the spectrum is reproduced completely, as it should be.


This is esu useful for old applications, which are not supported by WDM drivers. Buffer size can be set in drivers. The noise level measured is close to the claimed figures in the converter specifications.

Juli is a PCI based audio interface for home studio recording applications. If stability and excellent sound is your priority then by all means this card is for you.

The free shipping service from Purolator was perfect, fast and secure. It is especially important for professional equipment, so we tested the card in three modes: We have the new MAYA waiting to be released behind the corner but these zound not be as special as Juli.

The box for ESI Juli is nice and functional.

The upper part turns degrees ESI Juli sound card: Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from unbelievable sound, dirt cheap! Operational amplifiers JRC hold well the low impedance load, though the Juli specification requires the load impedance of not less than [email protected]

In case of Souncfunctionality and audio quality have been the highest priority. Many professionals are also buying caard spec hardware because they understand that higher spec hardware also works better even when working with lower samplerates. Before the comparative audition I had no subjective preferences — the cards have converters of the same class, and thus I didn’t expect considerable differences in sound quality. Interface names mean the following applications: Is it an attempt to stand out against similar sound cards and to attract attention?


New formats such as DVD audio or video or SACD even require higher sample-rates in the production process; so many professionals are working with 96kHz or even kHz already.

ESI [email protected] Sound Card

Excellent performance, with very clean output. The difference is not so large but it still makes itself felt. Besides, we carried out the following interesting experiment: You can connect inputs and outputs of different applications with virtual cables and record signals without quality loss. Conclusions Professional sound card ESI Juli has an unusual design, it features both professional and consumer connectors, full MIDI and digital interfaces, high quality playback, excellent drivers, quite a reasonable price, and it is available on sale.

The digital outputs on this thing are standard setting. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous esii Perfect for the Musician – not overkill So many cards are for gamers or for running a full blown home studio.

Thorough audition in the same conditions, using the same cable and instantly switching between the cards did not reveal any difference in their sounding. If we still have an opportunity, ccard update this article.