When printing a magnified character height, the paper must be fed before printing. Since a 1-dot pitch in the horizontal direction is 0. Setting The Dip Switches 3. The following restrictions exist in page mode. Using the Printer A modular connector for connection of the peripheral unit is located on the back of the printer.

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The interface is a factory installed option. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. If the maximum of 32 external characters have already been stored, the oldest stored external character are deleted so that new external character can be stored.

Epson TM-T85 Serial Receipt Printer (M65TA) Tm-T85 Parallel (MA)

To prevent paper jams, tm-85 sure that the auto cutter tab is underneath the auto cutter holder as shown on the auto cutter label. Follow the steps below: The part to be skipped by the horizontal tab setting and the block graphic characters are not upper lined.

High level Switch is set to ON. Height of bar code Can be up to dots Print high density graphics Epeon printer: Entering the Dot Alignment Adjust Mode causes seven blocks of characters to be printed as shown below.


Epson TM-T85 Operator’s Manual

When data in the buffer drops below bytes, and XON signal is output. You can damage it. Resets the printer hardware and produces a test print 83 Chapter Remove the jammed paper carefully in the paper feeding direction. Thermal line printing x dpi Unidirectional with friction feed 72mm 2. Errors There are three types of errors: Nordic Reference Information About This Manual Setting Up and Using Chapter 1 contains information on unpacking the printer, setting it up, setting the DIP switches, and adjusting the paper near end detector.

Use tweezers or another narrow tool to move the switches. No paper BOF sensor 1: When the print starting position is set to the upper left or lower printrr of the printing area using ESC T data is buffered in the direction perpendicular to the paper feed direction: Data sent when the reception buffer is full may be discarded.

Use the following tables to set the DIP switches. If pribter errors occur due to paper jams fpson the like, it is possible to recover by correcting the cause of the error and executing DLE ENQ n The vertical tab stops are set in terms of the current line spacing and do not move if the line spacing is changed later. It blinks to indicate an error condition. Be sure to note the correct direction that the paper comes off the roll. Position 1 leaves the least paper on the roll, and position 6 leaves the most.


EPSON TM-T85 Thermal 3 1/8 Inch x 230′ Paper 50 Rolls

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Resets the bottom margin.

This command is only valid in line mode. No automatically recoverable error. Because of this, it is a good idea to keep hold prjnter the paper in the slip printer when you turn power back on.

If step margin is reduced to accommodate the data. Ignored if there is no next horizontal tab stop on the current line. Page 53 Page 2 PC