BOUND2 is of no consequence if it is located well into the steep portion of the compression curve. Download All Memory Strings B. If this point is not found, the rebound data. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. A more complete the manual construction. Visualization Input File PortEx. The single load cycle illustrated in Figure 22 is considered by the computer program as one problem.

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These special effects are generally c adversely affect both the Analytical and Graphical far more significant than those incurred through the use Methods to select the point of maximum curvature of different polynomial degrees.

Abstract A computerized, mathematical algorithm is described and presented for analyzing the semilogarithmic stress-strain time-independent properties of standard, controlled-gradient, and controlled-rate-of-strain consolidation tests. In contrast, the ordinary polynomials shown in Figure 5 The algorithm presented herein is a means of do not vary significantly in their fit to the same data automating the current, manual, graphical procedures to points shown in Figure 4.

Consult Figure 7 for each of the following steps: The ordinate values are computed portion of the virgin compression range, as indicated by at incrementally generated abscissae which are increasing the trend of compression points in Figure 2 1. J ‘ will specify that increasing dial readings indicate specimen lengthening.

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Otherwise, the without knowledge of the in situ void ratios on layers user will receive an error message from the curve-fitting of otherwise homogeneous materials which have the subroutine in the. The rebound data are fitted by a maximum curvature, the Analytical Method tests for a least-squares straight line.

A ‘ I ‘ placed in column 33 specifies that the analysis be performed in terms of void ratio. If the slope is relatively constant, the percent construction, the computer program takes the difference between slopes of consecutively generated intersection of the line representation of the in situ search points will be very small and that portion of the compression curve with the line representation of the xl will be nearly a straight line.


The calculation of this overburden pressure does not take into account the effects of the water table or layers of different materials.

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The ratio of the horizontal to vertical scale factors Application of the Curve-Fitting Procedure — The must be multiplied times the first and second derivatives compression and rebound curves are separated and fitted before Equation epta can be used to select the point of by two different polynomial functions.

Any vertical otrain analytlt 11 dou ucond. This is very description of this algorithm: In the analytical application of this step, the point of maximum curvature may be selected by one of two possible methods. Implied in this where p x is the given polynomial with terms having statement is the requirement that the function have the constant coefficients c for the abscissa terms x with flexibility to accurately duplicate the wide range of integer powers n.

This in the section entitled “A Graphical Method to Select criterion for distinguishing between compression and Point of Maximum Curvature”.

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Equation 6 can not be used successfully on curves I. View the network section for more details. A blank in column 3 1 will cause the program to employ the Graphical Method to determine the point of maximum curvature as shown in Figure 27b.

The program capabilities and limitations. A standard JOB card which includes the x paper option is the following: All options are I.

An excellent example of the virgin compression curves. This report is generated from a file or URL submitted to this webservice on August 29th The scarcity of data points introduces in Figure 8 Results of specimen with porous s’tones to permit the escape of a survey conducted by Sallfors 5 of 28 geotechnical water from the soli specimen, and applying a vertical engineers emphasized these difficulties. Hence, the three load cycles displayed in Fi,gure 24 will be considered as three separate problems by the computer program.


For point of maximum curvature to move further down the controlled test data, the large number of data points curve and thereby cause an increase in Pc and CR shown allows the use of higher degree polynomials which give at point C in Figures IS and 16, respectively.

Secondly, changes in the A downward displacement of the intitial tangent line polynomial degree used in fitting a group of standard will cause the point of maximum curvature to be located data can shift the point of maximum curvature from at a point further down on the compression curve.

The location of the point curve-fitting procedure, a criterion for distinguishing depends primarily on the arithmetic ratio of the scale between compression and rebound data, the selection factors. If this degree polynomial is found to provide an undulating representation of the data, the user can use a lowermdegree polynomial in another computer run.

For controlled-gradient data reduction is handled in much controlled data, the computer program uses a simple the same way with the exception that ‘! The test description should include test type and series number, borehole location and number, sample number, and any other information pertinent to the data and testing procedures. This polynomial is used to evaluate ordinate values at various method is discussed further in the section entitled abscissa locations on the curve.