It’s the newer one like the one at the below link: Please select the correct hardware revision. It is black model, the label says: I setup the network with the above tutorial but when the ST boots show me the message: I have tried several versions and am currntly trying to get version 2. Or is it just plug it in, power it up and it’s ready?

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There are people here that have had it working for far longer and probably are using it for a lot more though.

I cant get mine to work, I installed as this link http: D1 When plugged on Linux computer, lsusb says it’s C1, not D1: Any suggestions for alternative browsers? I will get a few lines then it may pause for a couple of seconds or so then i will get a huge packet. No registered users and 3 guests. Anyone know what might be happening?

De USB-poort van de adapter geeft u een doorvoer tot Mbps op uw computer. Als USB-apparaat hoeft met deze adapter het paneel van uw computer niet meer gedemonteerd te worden om een netwerkkaart in een uitbreidingsgleuf aan te brengen.

D-Link DUB-E100 rev C1

Specs Download de datasheet. I have tried several versions and am currntly trying to get version 2. I know Paradroyd also just started working on this and both of us have seen the same issue with Latency. U hoeft geen IRQ’s en andere instellingen voor uw netwerkverbinding in te stellen.


I think my e is rev d, i have ordered a rev b from ebay but in the meantime where do i find the net. It’s the newer one like the one at the below link: This forum is in no way affiliated with Atari Interactive.

Any other telnet clients out there other than TelStar that I can use to test. Sorry for all my stupid noob posts. I found this blog pretty helpful, and it contains links to some telnet clients and leads to some other network applications.

High Speed USB 2.0 Fast Ethernet Adapter

Ook kunt u hierdoor de pc-kaartgleuf van uw notebook voor andere doeleinden bewaren. Would these devices works as if was a dlink-e or do they need special development to work?

Bij het aanzetten van de computer wordt de configuratie automatisch uitgevoerd en de adapter kan zo aangesloten worden. De adapter is op USB 2. De voeding wordt rechtstreeks via de USB-bus geleverd, waardoor er geen externe wisselstroomadapter nodig is.


Bus Device f1 What I am trying to find out if all of the hardware versions work with it? Dat is bijna 40 keer sneller dan USB 1. All I’ve really used it for so far myself is telnet and irc. I’m new user of the MiST.

D-Link Technical Support

Bugs – How did you set up your E rev D1 to work with Dub-f100. I’m still waiting for my rev B to arrive that I ordered off ebay.

I can ping servers, and can telnet to bbs such as darkside. Hij is compatibel met de eerdere USB 1. I can ping various sites, I tried using Cab but I am having trouble as its in Germany. I still prefer using serial terminal clients like Ansiterm and Dualterm with something like a Raspberry Pi and tcpser for BBSing, rather than something like a straight-up rrev client, but I don’t have that much experience with telnet clients on the ST yet, and that may change. You can copy your desired language to the main directory.