The dTVdrvNT service failed to start due to the following error: So, I’m down to it’s my motherboard not being up to speed in either AGP acceleration or I have some settings set incorrectly. If you still get some message about e. Two users reported this problem. Sat Oct 01, 6: Good to know that DScaler is working again for you. Display posts from previous:

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When changing to Field mode the Deinterlace mode will also switch from Progressive to the last set Deinterlace mode. The next thing you will want to do is select the general deinterlacer you like the best. I am currently trying to use a SID instead of a string. If there is a weak link, it’s that they all connect through a passive signal switcher I picked up at Best Buy.

I can’t make it repeat at will. I can’t believe it really is language dependant, this is only the third complaint about harddware problem. The make of tuner should be on the silver box on the card, choose the correct type depending on your region. Reeboot and when the card now pops up and asks for an installation, ignore.


Or what does DScaler do, so I can maybe reproduce the Error ‘by hand’. One of them reinstalled Windows, this fixed the problem. I deleted that key successfully, but still no dice with starting dscaler. Delete any previous copy of DScaler. Despite including some very complex code, there are a lot of features in that are simple or that could be easily implemented without having to wade through all the assembler.

How can I help?

Another WinTV Thread – dscaler refuses to start

B Serial Tuner Formats: You can’t hardwade the entires? The whole thing started in July An hypothesis is that some motherboard agp speed issue might be the cause of such behavior. Choose Channel Scan if you are using the internal tuner of your capture card 9.

Analog, interlaced video is what devices like VCRs, laserdisc, and game consoles output.

Try to go bidirectional, and framerate literally gets the death penalty! I fixed it and it’s now crisp again.


Also the installer packaging has to be done The first versions only had manual film pulldown selction. DScaler requires hardware overlay to minimize latency, and only one process may use this at a time. To record a quick clip for YouTube or personal use, here is the easiest and fastest way.

You can enjoy virtually lagless play while capturing and record good video that would otherwise be an unwatchable mess in other software like VirtualDub. YES Cscaler you can. Sat Jun 26, It seem’s to be kind of security problems but Hardwars logged on as admin Here’s the content of dscaler.


This means that you will want to capture the picture as purely as possible, so that any touches can be made later. Uninstall NT driver complete. There doesn’t seem to even be a way for me to configure dscaler via the menubar since the program quits so suddenly. Snapstream PVS is another comparable product.

Another WinTV Thread – dscaler refuses to start – Ars Technica OpenForum

Choose the appropriate source from the frequency range drop-down menu and the press “Start”; when the channel scan is done, press “OK” and use the Dscalee and Page-Down buttons to navigate through channels. What if That Doesn’t Work? Any help is welcome.