These features continue to work as expected in Do you mean DisplayPort? If there is any, then allow it. But subsequent days, I’ve discovered 2 different issues: So it appears that this will have killed off alot of MAC uses in enterprises. I have never used any DisplayLink equipment, but I read this thread after previously seeing complaints on other web sites and forums about DisplayLink breaking in

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Find More Posts by Bob H. User profile for user: Half good, half bad I had no ability to display 3 external monitors on my MacBook Pro after Mar 30, Find More Posts by jaywhy. In the meantime, we have a new driver [4.

That will reduce the sales and increase the costs for future releases. I am have the same issues with the black screen but I can see the cursor moving on the external monitor. Tried with the monitor plugged in, tried with it unplugged.

macOS Mojave fixes problems with DisplayLink multiple monitor drivers

Guess everyone is unhappy that Apple seem t think that they don;t need to be in the enterprise environment. However, it seems that this is not in the mind of apple at all. Dual monitor recognized, but external monitors continue to be black with a cursor.


Does some one have a fix as to how to get this minor bug fix update to function with displaylink? Stop using cheap garbage docking stations that rely on undocumented APIs and hacks. After 3 months of working on this Display link have not got a solution. I need help figuring out if there is any way to configure this setup to get the second monitor to work?

I am currently using a Macbook Air inch. Network 23 Network If this persists it will be interesting to see if Macs survive for anything other than home use.

John Galt John Galt. Both external displays power on and remain on, but display black. They caution displaaylink their beta drivers are not a complete solution.

Lack of DisplayLink is going to have a huge impact on specifically enterprise who only accept Macs to the extent that they work like PCs. After restart, osx should not detect your monitor. I would love if they gave people an displayllnk and maybe make a usbc Mac and another slightly thicker with more ports. Half good, half bad. So while the external displays resolution is great and welcomed after numerous months, these 2 issues are showstoppers.

Yes this osc it almost impossible to maintain and support Macs in an enterprise environment where you have to argue that you need a dedicated dock thats twice or 3 times more expensive than a dock for windows machine.


This rollback also confirms that the issue appears to be in It worked perfectly with no issues.

Blank Monitor: MacOS Mojave w/ Driver – DisplayLink Forum

There will always be the creative business professionals, who will never be satisfied with the limitations of DisplayLink; they always plug into DisplayPort or at least HDMI for the highest possible graphics quality and resolution on their high-end monitors.

Display link is a set of drivers that enable docks to support display, ethernet and other USB ports. I am in the same boat.

I just wish Apple listened more to consumers and understood what us IT professionals have to deal with in ksx business environment.

All these devices that used to function with a MAC no longer do so.