Active Marker Measurement Windows a. Two waveform views are automatically created and always present Primary and Secondary. If the system could not shut down due to DigiView asking permission to save changes before closing, the application would freeze on Win 8 and Win 10 after canceling the shutdown and saving the project. All exisitng DV models can now operate in 2 modes: Deselecting all bits of a data Bus but channel 0.

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The CD has shrunk

Marker Complements Splitting a Marker to form a Marker Pair a. On opening a project with Waveform views with the “Scroll-n-View” option enabled, the waveform associated with the Active Marker would not scroll into view until after another marker was selected. Additional new Marker Features. Trigger Setup New icons indicate disabled,ignored,parse error, missing signals. Any window in the same link group will synchronize to the field’s starting time when a field is selected.

New, digitally signed 64 bit and 32 bit drivers are included in this installation with full support for VISTA and Win7 operating systems.


Can maintain a fixed number of ‘most recent’ captures, stored in round-robin over-write mode. The mouse wheel will affect the currently focused window.


Corrected Post Trigger Buffer Configuration. Tabular Views a.

Existing signal names will be corrected when opening an existing file. Removed the Search pull-down selector, Search button and Edit Search button, replacing it with a Search Manager button. Replaces the Active Marker Measurement Window in older projects. Additional waveform views divi be docked in any of the 6 docking points of the main window, Tabbed with other windows or remain independent for full screen viewing or placement on additional monitors.

The proper 32 bit or 64 bit drivers will be registered with Windows during installation, making driver installation and updates an easy process. Added option to add Header information to Print and Image. Misc – Minor Refresh Corrections a. Can be invoked from the File menu at any time. New Display options for State Signals. Measurements are recalculated when scrolling, zooming, capturing data, browsing the capture history or while using the Quick Measurement feature.

Red Sky Global DigiView K11 User Manual

Selected marker Active Marker position. Saving was completed before the freeze, so no project data was lost.

The Indicator also has a local menu to select or disable group membership selected by a Left-Click on the Indicator. They are uncommon but if you look at the tray that comes out of the CD drives you will djgi the middle has a small recess, thats for the 80cm CD.


XP only – Corrected the “Link Waveforms” function. Allows rapid consecutive signal additions add,edit name,press enter. Automatically re-arms and runs after each capture, honoring all buffer, prefill and trigger settings. Correction – System Error Code 5 When unlocking the screen, a system error could occur indicating “Access Denied” to a system resource Error: Additional measurements will display in a floating window when using the Quick Measurement feature with measurements dependent on the signal type.

This revision corrects this issue so full decodes will occur on all available data even if it occurs on dkgi very last data sample. New Auto Run Mode. Instant Help buttons for Mouse and Keyboard features that display a full list of function details when clicked. Auto-run sequences can be halted by a command from a plug-in or match criteria in an auto-search. Searches Sequences of fields within sequences of frames for all parsed signals and plug-ins Supports searching multiple data slices per field 9.

New Measurement feature for all Signal definitions. Corrected – On canceling system power off, application could freeze.