When the maximum frame size is less than MTU size less than , this property is not used and always has a value of 0. Firmware during the installation In some cases the installer detects the need for non-free firmware and prompts the user to make the firmware available to the installer to complete the installation. Lastly, to keep this issue relevant to upstream, please continue to test the latest mainline kernel as it becomes available. If they could explain what they actually intended to do, we could probably convince them to actually do it, whatever it is. When the driver resets the adapter during ifconfig , the link is dropped, and it may take several seconds for the link to come up after auto-negotiation is completed. Configures the number of receive descriptors for jumbo frames larger than bytes.

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I suggested dual-licensing, which they’re ok with.

Please keep in mind the following: Configures the number of receive descriptors for frames up to bytes. The valid range of values is from 0 broadfomand the default value is After further research, we found that this product was killed in place and never reached the market. Note that not all systems support Wake on LAN.

I’ve asked Broadcom about whether they own the rights to this firmware; their response: This bug affects 1 person. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get this kernel built and tested?


KernelFirmwareLicensing – Debian Wiki

Removal of firmware in this category will cause effective removal of a large number of important drivers, resulting in a severe negative impact on our users. Updating firmware Firmware can be updated using fwupd or various vendor-specific methods. Government “Government”the following provisions apply to you. No upgrade log present probably fresh install UserGroups: The bug report has been posted to the netdev mailing list: If ATI has transferred the copyright to Precision Insight or VA Linux, all would be well, but there’s no reason to believe that they did, and plenty of reason to believe that they didn’t.


Firmware – Debian Wiki

Broadcom made a licencing proposal, shown below: With the TG3 driver, you can team adapters together using the bonding kernel deblan and a channel bonding interface. Patching the Driver Into the Kernel Optional.

When jumbo frames larger than bytes are used, the value of this property should not be set lower than 60 on systems with high network traffic. Alternatively, you can use one of the parallel installer image builds that also include all the non-free firmware packages directly.

The valid range of brodacom is from 0 to 3braodcom the default value is 1 microseconds 1 second. An interrupt is generated when either of these thresholds is exceeded.

Status of firmware distributed with the Linux kernel source

Daniel, thank you for reporting this and helping make Ubuntu better. Most systems are set to level 6 by default. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. Configures the number of 1-microsecond ticks before the adapter generates a receive interrupt after receiving a frame.


Source RPM bcm version. CategoryPermalink Firmware last modified Thu Jan 11 Broadcoom of course means that Broadcom didn’t know what they were doing when they released it. All other brands or product names are trademarks or brpadcom trademarks of their respective holders. Configures the number of received frames before the adapter vebian a receive interrupt. If the Software is supplied to any unit or agency of the Government other than the DoD, it is classified as “Restricted Computer Software” and the Government’s rights in the Software are defined in paragraph If set, this property also disables the Wake on Lan setting.

When the driver resets the adapter during ifconfigthe link is dropped, and it may take several seconds for the link to come up after auto-negotiation is completed. Found on the Lemote Yeeloong and embedded devices.