Email Required, but never shown. I’m about to build and reinstall drivers and firmware from your links. I was looking for a different post that I had come across involving the HVR card. I wondered if the diseqc messages could somehow be related to MythTV ‘thinking’ that the tuners were sharing an LNB when in fact each tuner attaches to a separate port of a multi-lnb , so last night I reconfigured the tuners and labelled the three tuners’ LNB connections with the ‘optional name’ function as LNB1,2 and 3. Executing the command lspci will reveal in it’s output that the cxx has the following ports:. There is some trouble shooting info in the FAQ section https:

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Im at work right now, but I’ll give these things a try when I get home.

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I’ll post again with the outcome. When I run tvtime, I get the following errors: Email Required, but never shown.

Select all wget http: It is in the software centre. They do, however, xc23885 the ability to connect directly, via an i2s input port, to a 3rd party audio ADC. It is more likely mythbackend configuration requires adjustment.


The only command that I know to run to find out any information is lspciwhich tells me that I have Your board isn’t known yet to the driver. Note I interrupted the scan – it takes a very long time to complete!

Then the weirdness started again Last edited by Steve Goodey on Sun May 13, 9: I definitely have had it picking up TV when I had Windows installed. I have always found my answers here and never really had to register, but this question is liunx me to the edge of my seat.

The analog capture for the composite and S-Video, not the analog tuner is supported in kernel versions 3. Attaching frontend 0 [ 6. Multimedia video controller product: The only command that I know to run to find out any information is lspciwhich tells me that I have.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. And things now seem to be working.

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Here are a couple of snippets from my dmesg output: The cxx family of ICs are capable of providing demodulation of all major global broadcast audio standards. Please help me get this card running because this is the only thing that is holding coonexant from completely moving away from 7.


This worked for me Ask for help from other MythTV users here. No such file or directory mixer: Create a config file: I’m about to build and reinstall drivers and firmware from your links.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_VIDEO_CX Conexant cx (x successor) support

In your favorite web browser run the following: These signals will in turn be decoded and are output either to the PC’s sound card directly via a patch cable invokes a DAC stepto a digital audio output interface eg. A simple but not the only way is to use mythtv services Coneexant to get the required data. I’m new to Linux, and am trying to get my Capture Card working on Having found all the new channels, the backend couldn’t tune to any of them!

Take a look at this: I’ve edited the question to reflect the error I was getting. If you need more information, let me know.