The printer was successfully installed in OpenSuse Tested with openSuse Photo printing from top try, normal printing from envelope tray and CD printing yet to be tested. This should display the following error:. Once it does retrieve the driver info make sure to select the hpijs driver if it doesnt already do that.

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Download and install latest driver from Samsung.

After that you should have perfect results. Just open your terminal, log in an root and load yast. This page also has instructions on how to install the scanner, but I haven’t tried them. Driver installed automatically under openSUSE Works only with TurboPrint or GutenPrint 5. There is even a rpm package for the scanner with the application Scangearmp. By default, the colors are fade. Works well, uses RX driver for printer, scanner autodetected as RX, works perfectly, card reader detects all cards.

Lexmark Z12 Color Jetprinter Driver Win9x/ME

Other fine tunings are possible with the driver. When it is not, it may require manual driver install. Not the one listed as “GDI”, but the other, “1. Samsung provided all required drivers and utilities. Tested with openSuse With that driver, it works perfectly.


Lexmark Color Jetprinter Z12 driver Printers software versions

Make sure collor uninstall first any old driver that is installed previously. After that you need to turn off the printer and then turn it back on.

jetpfinter Not so under Make sure you have the lsb package installed. Not in my experience Although there are official drivers out for it, see [3] they do not work. No further drivers are required. USB, but runs installing hpijs. Photo printing from top try, normal printing from envelope tray and CD printing yet to be tested.

The PPD files is available from the list. Selected MP from the available drivers list and it seems to work perfectly. Indication 131. colourlevel is not given.

Works using the ‘Lexmark Drivers’ one-click-install from the packman repository, and can be configured in YaST.

Lexmark Z12 Color Jetprinter Driver Win9x/ME

Connected as wireless network printer and did not test USB nor Ethernet direct interface autodetect. It seems that yast over gui does not allow to setup specific settings. You do this manually each time by typing in the above command, or for automatichave suse insert the service.


Works with drivers shipped with openSUSE gutenprint. This printer is fully supported, including paper tray selection. It’s not possible to print envelopes neither separately nor in combination with letters: The colod that is mentioned few times on this page: USB port, Must use Turboprint drivers.