Optimized Busin ess Communications. Bit rates f rom 50 k bps to 1. Enabling interact ive face-to-f ace com munic ations a t the des ktop enh ances producti vity and the. This produc t is a pa rt of Cisc o Unified W o rkspace Licens ing. Page 2 of 7. System admini strators must do wnload the app licatio n software and camera d rivers from.

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W hen you mu te the au dio on th e phone, video is. You can make c alls fro m your.

W ith Cisco Unified Video A dvantage, vid eo telephony is as. Cisco Uni fied Vid eo Advantage 2. Cis co Unifi ed Commu nicatio ns is p art of a c omprehen sive solu tion that includ es network.

The phone must be CDP and. Advantage is design ed to del iver enhanc ed mod es of co mmunic ation while p rotectin g existing. Cisco Unified Communicatio ns Services. Cisc o Unified Video. Cisco an d its c ertified p artners c an cuca-v2-24bun you deploy a s ecure, res ilient Cisco Uni fied.


Cisco Systems CUVAV224BUN Webcam User Manual

Page 6 of 7. Page 1 of 7.

Cisco Unified Video Advantage 2. Page 3 of 7. Bit rates f rom 50 k bps to 1. The securi ty, resilie cuva-c2-24bun, and scala bility of the network help users i n any. Express, so you ne ed no sp ecial e xperience or kn owledge abou t video cap abilitie s or set tings. All rights r eserved.

Local and Remote Views.

CUVA-VBUN= – Cisco Unified Video Advantage and VT Camera II Unit Pack

You can no w take full ad vantage of your IP network to extend. This produc t is a pa rt of Cisc o Unified W o rkspace Licens ing.

Award-winning tech nical s upport i ncreases operati onal effi cuva-v2-24bub. Page 4 of 7. IP te lephony an d IP video. Optimized Busin ess Communications. The video code c and ba ndwidth sele ction in Cisco Uni fied Vide o Advantage i s com pletely.

Cisco Licence لایسنس های سیسکو : Cisco CUVA-VBUN= سیسکو

Graphi cs ind icate th e state a nd availabi lity of the. Detailed instruc tions are available in the a dminis tration gu ide. Ciscl can p lace Cis co Unifi ed Video Ad vantage video calls with. Custom ized plann ing and design services f ocus on creatin g a solu tion that.


Page 7 of 7. Controls for showing t he cons ole, video window options, and. Cisco Uni fied Video Advantage i s innovati ve in that vide o telepho ne call s are ju st like regular. You can check your video befo re placi ng or rece iving cal ls. Quality of in coming and outg oing video signal s is gra phicall y.