Adding link to pending SRU page for convenience http: Adam, can you reproduce this booting from an iso? My qemu-kvm was already patched. How long does this take to show up? Also of note, bit RHEL 5 does not use kvm-clock as a clocksource. During boot the system prints the following warning: SMP works, no need to disable mpbios anymore.

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Install from CD works, but then you must do the following at the next boot prompt: Let the guest proceed booting from grub and it hung at a different time, right after displaying: This bug was fixed in the package linux – 2. Marked the bug as affecting kernel.

Setting up a Debian-based KVM guests with virtio-based disk and network on CentOS 5.5 hosts

This bug affects 4 people. For Oneiric, this should be fixed already. Centls a bit confused, maybe someone can clarify this. I tried many ISO’s and the systems that worked before I did a dist upgrade failed to boot also. CentOS ProjectData preparer id: Couldn’t you at least start you “one week or die” countdown after it becomes possible to complete the task? After some testing, I have found a possible cause.


If verification is not done by one week from today, this fix will be dropped from the source code, and this bug will be closed. It also gives a link that should tell how to get it reconsidered to go into natty.

So this would be the change that would go into natty.

DebianKVMGuests – Debian Wiki

Use virtio-block for disk and virtio-net for network. Installed on CentOS 6.

The history of this from my perspective is I first encountered issues with the libvirt virsh command getting stuck or not being able to reboot VM guests successfully.

This patch has been reverted as it was not verified and the kernel without the change is now released.

Volume set size is: Does not find the network after the installation during virito is fine but disabling mpbios as suggested in 4. Cherry-picking a single upstream patch which went into 2.

See attached screenshot of virt-manager plus virt-top. If you loock at comment 32 and comment 27, the patch got reverted in natty because there was no one verifying the change. To post a comment you must log in.


The VM host is also running two Ubuntu This patch is not yet in the oneiric kernel. Note that the automatic statement of “released” is misleading.

[CentOS-virt] virtio drivers for Centos – Grokbase

Add PCI fixup quirks for Ricoh I assume that older kernels like the one in lucid are probably also affected by this underlying bug? Please see comment Duplicates of this bug Bug Bug Sorry after installing Serge’s test kernel I did not have the time to test the proposed version but his did fix the issue.

I know this is probably not a supported combination, but since this is the same problem, I thought it might be useful to still answer on this bugreport.

In order to have this fix considered for reapplication to the kernel, please follow the process documented here:. Changed in linux Ubuntu Natty: