Enter the time in hour notation using the numeric keys e. The machine starts receiving the document. Contact the other party and ask them to send the document again. To change the settings for an item, follow the same procedure you used for the initial setup of the polling box. Description Prints an Activity Management Report. Registering the Current Date and Time Follow this procedure to set the current date and time.

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Preparing The Document Preparing the Document Follow these simple guidelines to check your ,c700 before you set the document on the machine for copying. When a user attempts to dial with a speed dialing key, the machine prompts the user to enter a PIN code.

Canon LC700 (FAX) drivers for Windows XP x86

The selected job will be canceled. Designated Times Per Speed Dial. Manual Sending Manual Sending Manual Sending enables you to talk to the other party before you send the document.

Page Proceed to step 6. If you do not want to cancel the job, press The selected job will be canceled. Page An error has occurred in the telephone line or in your machine. The machine scans the documents and stores them into memory. Automatic redialing When the other fax machine is busy or does not answer, the machine waits two minutes, and then automatically redials the same number.


Description Sets the one-touch speed dialing key to substitute for the fa of opening all three one-touch speed dialing panels, pressing [Advanced Drivers Software Firmware Utilities Loading Press the one-touch speed dialing key or [Coded Dial] followed by the three digit code to designate the originator fax machine.


Page Other Special Features This chapter describes some convenient features that you may want to use in daily operations. Noise A general term applied to a number of problems that adversely affect the operation of telephone lines used for modem and fax communication.

Enter the number of copies 01 to 99 using the numeric keys. Printing a Memory List Follow this procedure to print a list of all documents currently stored in memory. Page 31 Memory or Direct Sending mode. Press the appropriate key underneath the indicators repeatedly to illuminate the desired scan setting.

Exchange systems require that a PIN code be entered when dialing ccanon number to make a call or send a document via fax machine. Page 47 Press [ press [Set]. If you do not want to perform this setting, proceed to step Before You Start Using This Machine This chapter explains what you should know before using this machine for faxing, and its main features.


Report Settings Report Settings Follow this procedure to set ccanon report settings. Page 28 1 1 1 1 Printer Operation Panel These keys control the printing function of the machine.

Wall or car, the TransitPlus portable battery plugs in anywhere. Page Place your documents on the machine.

To delete a document from memory, you can use [Delete File] or [Memory Reference]. I have read and understand the information above, and wish to download the designated software.


Find Supplies and Accessories About Counterfeits. Press [ press [Set]. Don’t have an account? Hook Press [Hook] if you want to use Manual Sending. Using Speed Dialing This chapter introduces some basic dialing features, then shows you how to set up the speed dialing fac.

This completes the minimum settings for registering a coded speed dialing code.