You can specify the detailed layout setting in the Page Layout Printing dialog box. Look at the check patterns and perform the correction procedure. Check the Simulate Illustration checkbox to enable the setting. Depending on the type of image data you print, you can use either Image Optimizer or Photo Optimizer. When you wish to adjust the color settings, click the Color icon. Pause Page Click this checkbox when you wish to increase the pause between printed pages after performing high density printing.

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You return to the Register Settings dialog box.

Client machine Refers to a computer that is connected to the print server via an Ethernet network. Click this button to change the settings for a scanned image or to edit a scanned image. Printing a Background The printer driver allows you to print a background on your documents, like a watermark. You can use up canin eight characters.

Page Editing a Scanned Image Image Compensation Softens edges in the image by reducing the contrast between pixels, or sharpens hazy or blurred images. Uninstall the printer driver and reinstall cahon. In the event service is required for the Product during the limited warranty period, Canon USA offers two hardware support options: Check all the patterns in lines of B1 and B2. Page 32 Media Types You Cannot Use With the Printer To avoid poor print quality and possible damage to the printer, jb not use the media types listed below.


Click the Save tab. About the ink cartridges.

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Using Copy Using Copy Use the Copy feature when you wish to print an image immediately after scanning. Copying a Scanned Image to the Clipboard If you copy a scanned image to the clipboard, you can canoh the image easily with other application software. For example, objects that appear blue on the screen are printed purple and objects that appear pale green on the screen are printed dark green. White Calibration Sheet White Calibration Sheet You use this sheet to maintain the correct color balance of scanned images.

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Printing Area There is both a printing area recommended and a printable area possible. Use a Windows 98 or Windows 95 nj application program. Chrome A grey bar will appear at the bottom of your browser window which will contain your download. Change the print settings in the Special Effects tab, if necessary.

Canon S400 User Manual

Operation Panel Ready for operation. Select the desired settings in the Auto Power dialog box. BJ cartridge not installed correctly The BJ cartridge is not installed correctly. Page Click on the Page Layout drop-down box and select the 2 Up or 4 Up layout from the pop-up menu. Adjusting the Cahon and Contrast Click the Brightness and Contrast button in the main dialog box.


Note Cleaning the print heads consumes ink, so clean the print heads only when necessary. To display an explanation of these functions, use the balloon help.

Adjusting the Image Data When the color reproduction of your printouts is unsatisfactory, you can adjust the color balance and density as needed.

The cartridge holder returns to the home position, and print head cleaning begins automatically. Page 89 Prepare the envelopes. Printing on Special Media Types Greeting Cards Bi sure the printer is turned on and the paper thickness lever is set to the Down position. Changing the Print Dialog Box Settings Before you can start printing, a few basic settings must be made. Scanning holder White calibration sheet Click the OK button on your screen.

The following items are displayed. Setting the print mode and starting printing Select the command used for Print in your application program.