Sign up for a new account in our community. I have a thing about color temperature and although K is real close to what I like, I’m interested in what the Philips DimTone does down at K. Good point about new models. Need to find the bill for the rate. Solar guys don’t make it any easier either. My whole house has LEDs.

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What is a good dimmable bulb for these dimmers?

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Posted July 23, Already have an account? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Most dimmable LEDs should work with that di1m with some possible issues, such as only dimming down a certain percentagealthough the newer Forward Phase or Adaptive Phase dimmers may work better for certain bulbs.

Solar guys don’t make it any easier either. I haven’t changed a bulb in two years either- all ICs. I have a 5k sq foot house and my electricity bill is under in the peak of the south summer. Have not changed a light in 2 years. With Utah having some of the lowest energy costs in the US 42nd out of the states in Electricity, 47th for A Gasand having a lot of sim1 to replace that aren’t used as often, the payback can be quite a bit longer, although your argument definitely holds true for a lot of lights probably most on the main floor in my dim11.


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry I do not assume this will always be the case. Everything I’ve tried works fine at dimming with the gen 1 dimmers. Sign in Already have an account?

They are brighter and a wider spread than the 50w halogen.

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. We have more then 6x the space and roughly the same bill.

Posted July 22, Steel beams work wonders at stiffening a structure Replacing bulbs is not what I intend to solve with LEDs. Posted July 24, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Of course, those’ll probably be illegal at some point as well. Posted July 19, There are some other posts on this forum that discuss experiences with certain bulbs, but Control4 currently does not produce documentation recommending certain bulbs.

I use just over Kwh in summer and around Kwh in winter – although we do have the additional cost of LPG fire in winter. I have a thing about color temperature and although K is real close to what I like, I’m interested in s the Philips DimTone does down at K.



Register a new account. I wouldn’t expect the ever lowering prices to compete with the real savings you would make buy committing to the buy now.

My place is SF with hot tub. LEDs are where it’s at, and where it’s going, imho.

Control4 Control 4 Wireless Dimmer C4-dim1-z-x C4 Dim Z WH White | eBay

Sign In Sign Up. My whole house has LEDs. In the past, you simply waited until one burned out then picked another.

Again, sounds like a large amount of KW’s used per month. Good point about new models. Sorry I can’t be more help at this point.