As danah says, “Le sigh”. Sep 8, 7: Not sure if this will help. Craig Baron Craig Baron. If this listing says “Inactive,” you need to connect the Ethernet cable to a different port on the back of the router, then repeat this step. User profile for user:

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But I can only say that I am connecting wirelessly to my printer. Tip The wireless settings that you will need for your printer are the same settings that are used to connect any other device to your wireless network. Turn off the printer using the power switch on the left side of the printer.

Click the gray “Submit” button at the bottom of the screen when you are done.

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You can kill of the process by deleting the print job. Just encountered the same issue trying to print to a Brother printer via Parallels.

I went and downloaded the Apple Snow Leopard print drivers for Brother. I then updated to the latest Brother software and everything is back to normal. I can print fine from Text Edit and Java. Jan 10, 5: Burley holds a Bachelor of Science in political science from Arizona State and a Master of Science in computer information systems from the University of Phoenix. In both instances, the printer is connected by Ethernet to an Airport Time Capsule so I’m accessing the printer wirelessly but not using the printer’s native wireless capability.


I saw your post while I was searching for the driver, hope you solved it. ,ac

Download the latest driver from Brother. Brother HLW I have had the hardest time getting this printer to work.

On a Workaround for my Brother HLW Printing Problem

Type “admin” into the Username field and “access” into the Password field, then click the “OK” button. Reset the network settings on the printer by switching off, holding ‘Go’, powering on, and pressing go 7 times. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the bottom network port on the back of the printer, then connect the other end to an available port on the back of your router. If it says “NCw,” the wireless settings have taken effect. I reloaded the brother software from the original disk and restarted, the console came back.

Ryan Btother Ryan M.

HELP! Brother HL-2170W and Mac 10.4 not working well together.

I’m uncertain as to how to distinguish my case bfother yours. Why would I need another redundant way to print to a PDF? All replies Drop Down menu. A printer requires space, a power source and, typically, a cable that has to be connected to your computer but that is rarely included. I suppose I’m assuming that you just upgraded as opposed to either a new mac or a new printer. The Brother HLW is a printer that can be connected to a wireless network, providing a solution for multicomputer printing in a wireless environment.


One problem, as you can see in that last link, is that visualizing one’s family tree can bee a challenge in hardcopy.

Don’t know for sure. Please help – I bought this printer 6 months ago – I could not get it to print then – and now I cannot even get Brother or any other print driver in the list.

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This worked for me, but whether it is certainly a Snow Leopard issue or mere coincidence, I am uncertain.