You’re not likely to spend much time fiddling with a Book PC’s guts, in any case, since there’s really not much you can do. It’s a marketing term intended to encourage people to buy things which they might not consider if the things were more honestly described. Many low cost computers come with low-grunt PSUs that are adequate for the base spec machine but can’t handle extra expansions; the Book PC isn’t going to have any extra expansions, though, so the little PSU is OK. You get a phone cable, as well as a standard power cable, with the Book PC. Hooking up The little back panel’s well supplied with connectors. Carnagecjb Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: Wed May 02,

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If you can find a slower Celeron then you can save some money there, and you can of course use any spare monitor you’ve got kicking around.

I can’t buy a new one anywhere. This is not a cut-down “network Bli810, incapable of doing anything unless it’s hooked up to some big fat server. This matches the Basic PC design well; Celerons are excellent value for money, and the faster ones give an excellent account of themselves, with two thirds of the speed of P-IIIs that cost twice as much.

And here’s a photo of the way it looks when it’s plugged in, the front of bkl810 Book PC is to the right and the back panel of the Book PC is to the left in this picture.


PC Chips Book PC

This BookPC is now for sale! Mar 1, Posts: Built in winmodem on a connector. I wonder if he needs anything in trade. The importers have some see-through iMac-esque bezels on the way, for them as like such things.

Full duplex playback and recording. You won’t get away for much less than that, for a full Book PC-based computer. No, it doesn’t have digital RCA audio out. I have a pair of 4GB drives.


Apr 26, Posts: It’s only got one network port. And if the Bmi810 PC can come in a physically small package, so much the better; the ability to fit the main box in a good-sized briefcase is a selling point for quite a lot of business and home users. Fri May 04, 1: It’s a marketing term intended to encourage people to buy things which they might not consider if the things were more honestly described. This is necessary for laterto know which directoy to use on the driver CD the orange and yellow CD to load onboard sound,graphics vga Lan Modem etc.

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Tue May 01, 9: It’s a blooming small monitor that takes up less space than the Book PC, and the PC’s case is more than strong enough to support even big screens.


Tue May 01, 2: YGM – I can’t believe I actually have jodem use for this.

bku810 What you see is pretty much what you get. Mon May 21, 5: Here’s the right way to look at the six pin plug for the Bki Book PC’s motherboard. As for upgradability your options are limited to USB. Here’s the same picture again, but smaller so you can see the whole thing at once.

na5b.turkkonferans.org – /MINI PC/BKi810/

Unless they switched to the e chipset. Unless they changed something.

The large fan under the Watt PSU will certainly be more than enough to keep everything nice and cool. This is fair enough, for most users; modern Wintel PCs don’t have much use for serial ports if they’ve got an internal modem. The Book PC isn’t aimed at rabid bargain hunters, though. Please, feel free to contact me privately about the price, but don’t leave bli810 comments in the for sale thread!