Actually, to me, tubes either work or they don’t. This is the least critical tube position in your amp. B test with a telefunken some time. V5 This is the least critical tube position in your amp. And their not hard to find or to expensive for nos. Out of the big box of tubes, and some are quite rare by today’s standards, a humble Sylvania 12AT7 ended up giving consistently best results. Silverface , Aug 7,

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The tubes at the other end of this list tended to have smaller plates.

DaveKSAug 10, bst BobbyZJul 28, Pick the highest quality 12AX7A or s are nearly impossible to find. JJs might be the ticket IF they are reliably nonmicrophonic. Some say it has little or no effect while others claim it’s critical to have a high quality 12AT7 in this slot. The Philips is a touch quieter, and seems to take a little of that “doink” sound out of it.

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The older ’60s Mullard don’t have the full lows that the later-production ones do, and neither do any of the other NOS 12AT7 or I’ve tried including 3-mica Sylvania and GE -they’re noticeably more bright and dry. You must be logged in to post a comment. If I do not like the reverb sound, I buy a few tanks, keep the one that sounds good an resell the others.


Jul 10, 4. However it has a bit less bottom end roundness than the JAN Philips. And silverface is right about the reverb recovery – use a 12AX7 there.

It carries rsverb higher price too. You must log in or sign up to reply here. There are better choices. Get the best tube you can afford. PeterVVAug 12, A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out.

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This position is particularly sensitive to microphonic tubes due the high gain of channel 2. I’ve found JJ to be very robust and durable, hence my recommendation for them. There’s more to playing guitar than impressing people with how much money you spend needlessly on your gear.

It’s meant to induce a current into essentially a cheap ‘s style tonearm cartridge from an old record player and shake the “needle” which shakes a set of springs to another tonearm cartridge on the output side. Jul 28, 2.


Fender Amp Preamp Tube Layout and recommendations

Each will give reduced gain and a different tone. This tube gives me the quintessential reverb tone I’d personally prefer: V5 This is the least critical tube position in your amp.

Do you already have an account? Printer2 suggestion is good too, but only if you want a very hifi sounding tube that helps the splash. However, for the reverb driver, you’re fir looking for a lo-fi driver tube meant to be punished. Most amps use either a 12AX7 or 12AT7 for this purpose. This is used as an oscillator for the tremolo circuit and has absolutely no effect on tone. You can also opt to remove this tube entirely. Makes the reverb more realistic for me. Andy BJul 30,