I created a specific share for the backup on my NAS. Sign up using Email and Password. Has this drive always given you issues, or has it worked before? Ben, yeah I had a feeling that might have been where you were headed Hi, Thanks for your reply. They suggest that we run the XTalk diagnostics again, which I will do next week.

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There are a number of Event IDs: If that doesn’t work, you might want to try a fully qualified name i. BE R3 would work well. In most cases the system will need to backjp rebooted before the driver loads. Retrieved from ” https: Please note that this document is a translation from English, and may have been machine-translated.

I guess the easy answer to my question is ‘Something doesn’t have the correct permissions’. The device is not ready.

I didn’t give the ‘veritas’ eec proper permissions to access the folder I wanted to backup via explorer. Sign up using Email and Password.

Devive logging onto a computer as your Veritas user and confirm you are in fact able to browse to the data you’re trying to back up, and try copying something from the network share to degice computer. Backup Exec does not have support for sending data streams from multiple parallel backup jobs to a single tape drive, which Veritas refers to as multiplexing.


Was this content helpful? If Backup Exec finds any configuration issues that can be fixed during the installation, or that may prevent Installation, warnings appear.

Backup Exec

This selection is recommended for Windows or later. They suggest that we run the XTalk diagnostics again, which I will do next week.

All configuration entries are exed for tape devices that are not available, have been removed, or are turned off. I’ve also found any errors in the Backup Exec job log are more useful than the error messages you get when setting up a job.

I’ve experienced some idiocy from the Backup Exec interface before, where it claimed the user I has specified as the backup user didn’t have enough permission when it really did.

These delays accessing data can cause the backup availability window to be exceeded, when multiple servers with slow transfer rates are being backed up one after the other to the tape device. I have seen that the backups are also queued asking for an overwritable media even though there is one inside the drive backul becuase media label is not getting updated due to failing inventory. When only a single job is running, and the source server is constantly seeking at a high rate, the tape drive slows down or may stop, waiting for its write cache to be filled.

RSM is disabled and stopped. Make sure the latest Symantec device drivers are installed.


Each server runs the Backup Exec software and the services that control backup and restore operations of multiple clients. Will look in to this further and update. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. If No is selected, a Finish screen is displayed. Multiplexing can reduce backup times when backing up data from non-solid state sources containing millions of small or highly fragmented files, which require very large amounts of head-seeking using traditional mechanical hard drives, and which significantly slow down the backup process.

Backup Exec 10d ( ) – VOX

I’ll give all of that a shot and update the thread with my results. Finish screen, informing that a reboot of the system me be necessary, click Finish. Dell say they will change the motherboard to see if this resolves the problem. Several methods are available for installing Backup Exec. Locate the file tapeinst. A single Backup Exec server is assigned the standalone Backup Exec server role.

If it is desired to use Veritas drivers for all devices, select the first option.