If you must have enhanced range for audio, then try Apple’s AirPlay. The audio streaming of the Azio without Aptx is bad , and I have the conflict with my mouse, because the CSR software takes the mouse away from the system and closes it in its own stack where it is not recognized by the Logitech Software itself. You could probably achieve the same thing by booting up with no BT dongles and later inserting them one at a time, starting with the Azio dongle. For sure this multi-step approach is cumbersome, but it gives me the best of all worlds, given my hardware. You have mentioned that if you don’t install the CSR BT stack, then the Azio dongle does give you some other profiles.

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Lastly, if you want enhanced range with BT you will need to use a Class 1 device. Post 98 of According to MS tech support, you can have. I have to trust that they have Aptx.

Azio USB Bluetooth Adapter, BTD-V, supporting aptX, US$ (shipped) @ Amazon – OzBargain

I only have one source for my Aptx, the Azio dongle. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


In my opinion, much better than iTunes AAC. Jan 2, at 8: Like it is with Dolby. Hence, you need the Azio dongle for your mouse. I’m hoping for more in the future when I buy smartphones and tablets. Jan 1, at 2: Don’t compare Aptx with Dolby. Dec 24, at They simply can’t afford the staff required to troubleshoot BT problems.

For sure btd–v401 multi-step approach is cumbersome, but it gives me the best of all worlds, given my hardware. To make things easy, you should also use a wireless mouse that doesn’t use BT. Perhaps btdd-v401 BT headphones will pair up with your PC. You haven’t said what your PC is.

Dre’s beats headphones are Aptx compliant.

I have one, the Harman Kardon Onyx. Therefore, you can’t run both simultaneously. You’ve mentioned that Aptx works well with some mobile phones.

It could be the Btf-v401, I bts-v401 not trust Azio, their support is extremely bad, they write contraddictory info on their site, give fals info via email I have several Aptx BT sinks headphones, speakers, and other receivers and they just give me the characteristic “connected” tone. I am now convinced that your Logitech SetPoint drivers conflict with the memory space of the Azio dongle.


Info on the HK Onyx can be azii here: But maybe there are not enough us to make them pay CSR for us. Share This Page Tweet. I can re-enable the built-in BT later to get to the supported profiles. And Azio also gives no support.

What are head-fi members views on apt-x lossless codec (over bluetooth)?

What I find disturbing in Aptx is the ambiguity. Discussion in ‘ Sound Science ‘ started by anakchanMar 19, Dolby Labs sets strict standards for coding and decoding in Hollywood. Maybe they will invent their own A2DP codec for consumer products.

It’s based on WiFi ranges.