You can use it in any program at any time, and you can program every button to have a specific task depending on what program currently has focus. In my longtime search for an upgrade to my dependable Game Theater XP, I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the Terratec DMX 6fire because of its reputation for excellent sound, very handy and attractive breakout box, and it’s ability to handle essentially all my gaming, movie watching, and admittedly meager recording needs. That is why the new models have no external communication unit bundled. Does the remote work with Girder? The PCI card is unextraordinary, containing the line in and 4 speaker out minijacks gold plated , as well as digital out.

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Samsung and Qualcomm phone prototypes tease our 5G future But you still have to wait for the real thing. On the website there is a set of beta drivers available which have thus far not given me either problem.

Terratec Aureon 7.1 Universe impressions (long)

A small sound is also played when you hit a button, which I don’t believe can be disabled easily. Don’t cut the cord on cable like a rookie The 3: Definitely handy for programs that shy away from hotkeying every function.

Taking a stab in the dark, I would guess that the portion of the drivers for the functions on the PCI board i. Between-mic with volume control Between phono- Between-line Between digital and optical- Analog and digital-output -Headphone output with volume control Behind the pc: The included Terratec remote simply can’t compete on those accounts.


Terratec Aureon Space Sound Card Review

No unnecessary frills either. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Mar 21, Posts: Currently I have a TB Catalina in the box.

The Universe is supposed to detect the frequency of whatever it is currently playing and thus, if all the currently playing sounds have the same frequency, avoid needing to resample anything.

The internal frequency problem, however, would then possibly exist on all three cards. The detailed results for the line-in for 32 bits 96 kHz are here. This behavior can look a lot like focus-based control, auren it isn’t quite that.

Jan 22, Posts: Besides, it supports the Sensaura algorithms so that you can use the card in games. Originally posted by Ainamacar: The release notes state that the remote software problem has been fixed, but since I’m not sure about the circumstances of the frequency issue, it may or may not be gone. That is why the new models have no external communication unit bundled. Closing one of them appears to automatically gives control to the other.

The configuration seems simple enough, I say appears, you will understand later. Tue Jun 15, 9: This isn’t a review so much as just impressions since I haven’t had iniverse card for very long and there are a ton of things I simply haven’t had the need to check.


But in the cupboard is a Terratec Sixpack 5. In movies all three cards play equally.

TerraTec Aureon 7.1 Universe – Sound card – 24-bit – 192 kHz – 7.1 – PCI – 5.25″ Series

The difference can be noticed in compositions with saturated highs. The detailed results for the digital interface for 16 bits 44 kHz are here. Unoverse in game episodes with a great deal of simultaneously played streams the Aureon 7.

Can not get the two at the same time but not annoying. They do make nice products. It can also lead to some confusion, but has the advantage of not requiring a task switch to control something running in the background. And it went bad again when I reset the speaker mode i. On the Speaker tab you can select a speaker set configuration.

I’ve had rare problems where, for whatever reason, the Universe thinks it is playing something with one frequency that is, in fact, different.