It’s hard to do this project not having an actual Auratone to compare with, someday I will grab one and compare with some drivers. I think they’re very useful little speakers and I love mixing on them. Hi fellows, I am currently building two Davetones. Comments about the sound? September 04, , As far as i know they don’t have any corrective eq. I’m hoping to keep pretty in line with the Auratones in purpose.

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October 16, Did you implement that in your build? I can savely say that the bose driver and the brown Auratone driver are not identical in response.

auratone replacement speakers

I mean it’s right Anybody here from UK that I could have the speakers from Maplin shipped to and replacemeny could then forward them to my address in Germany? If it wasn’t for the incapability of Maplin to ship stuff outside of the UK I really don’t get why they don’t even ship within the EU The midrange is where those opals really shine IMO, proof is, that it sounds very much like the auratone midrange, even though there is auratoone crossover right there but I cannot hear it.


The auratone has no bsc circuit, correct.

I can mix faster and easier on thembut not as good as the a, PSI replscement really incredible speakers, but those are more than double the price of the opals. HI Today I have replacemnet a pair of auratone alike speakers.

Hi, I made a pair with bose drivers also. I followed Thomas Barefoots Killatone project plans but used the FFwk driver because the is unavailable. February 16, Comments about the sound?

I would pay the shipping fees upfront to reduce the hassle The Opals are better than the o read: August 03, It is hard to talk about sound, but I hope I helped a bit. This project looks great – and also simple!

As far as i know they don’t have quratone corrective eq. I have an auratone the one with the brown speakerso I can compare them. Started by OlympicPhil The Lab. This is the primer, after that it will be sanded again and the small gaps are filled in.

Attached is the frequency response of the auratone and the Bosetone. Dave P’s Auratone project made the Sound on Sound!

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Treble might be a little bit harsh or metallic for some, but seems to be correct, I can listen for a long time on them without ear fatigue, but I mix on low volumes anyway. How Cool is that: My gut feeling is the Maplin ‘might’ be sonically close. I’m hoping to keep pretty in line with the Auratones in purpose.


You are saying that the fostex is a step up from the Maplins? In any case the concept of these drivers will get replavement in the ballpark as far as the type of mixing experience they aid in, and all speakers need to be ‘learned’ to be useful anyhow The bose has a hf lift from 3k onwards, but gets pretty linear off axis.

Auratone dimensions are 6. What else did you listen to when you bought them?

Auratone is blue, Bose is green. Can you tell me what kind of driver you are using, cause I’m strugling to find something good here in europe!

If I don’t know how it works, I prefer don’t turn it on. Started by Sender Drawing Board.